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John 8:32

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Genesis 1:14-16 tells us the luminaries were placed in the heavens for time, “Days, weeks, months, and Years.” Each are “Elements of Time.”

Scriptures commands the luminaries begin each month with a New Moon Day (NMD), as well as our 7th day Sabbaths be determine by the luminaries.

Does Scripture specify which moon phase determines a NMD?

Yes, this page is assembled to answer just that question.

Do Scriptures discuss how many NMD's are in a single month?

A single NMD is designated for each month.

Audio is provided on each topic for your convenience. Simply play and pause.

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“We believe you are here”.

We believe you are here

because you are seeking the true calendar our Creator has placed in the heavens for all to witness. Remember, the word “witness,” literally means, “A person who sees an event occur.”

Psalm 89:37 explains a faithful witness.

It shall be established forever like the moon,
and the witness in the heavens is ever faithful. Selah

Question, is anyone able to “witness” a dark moon amid a dark sky?
Can a “dark moon” be a “witness of our Creator?”

Need we say more?

At this website, we believe nothing is more important than to acknowledge our Creator on the designated days He has set aside. We believe those set apart days are beckoned by the calendar which He has placed in the heavens. Scripture tells us it is the moon which allocates each month, as well as weeks and days.

Several denominations believe the Gregorian calendar of the Roman Catholic Empire beckons the 7th day mentioned in Scripture. They believe the Roman day of Saturnalia coincides with the 7th day our Creator has set aside. Nothing could be further from the truth as this is not possible!

Those same denominations state the 7th day continuous weekly cycle Sabbath begins at a sunset which is an astronomical events, yet refused to acknowledge the balance of astronomical events of the heavens our Creator has placed in the heavens. It is our prayer we can reach the few who are seeking truths away from these religious bodies who so adamantly place their trust in a prophetess. Our Creator gave us a calendar which includes a New Moon Day (NMD) which starts each month. This is mentioned many times and proven fact throughout Scripture. We pray it is your desire to divorce yourself from the Roman Catholic Gregorian calendar, come out of Babylon and reach out to the calendar of the one who has created all things.

We clearly show below through multiple illustrations how the confusion of the First Visible Crescent, (FVC), Nor a dark conjunction moon can in no way be a beacon to a new moon day.

Much work has been put into this specific web page to explain in great detail, yet in very simple terms where it is only the light of the heavens which can beacon the entire earth at a single point in time which will commence the true Luni-Solar calendar our heavenly Father has placed in the heavens to beacon his people to His feet for worship.

Gregorian calendar

Audio for
“Gregorian calendar”.

First and foremost, we must understand the original calendar our Creator gave us at the creation of this earth has nothing to do with the Gregorian calendar, or a continuous seven-day weekly cycle. We must understand the 7 day cycle of the Gregorian calendar such as the Seventh-day Saturnalia Churches many adhere to, is in no way detailed within the pages of Scripture. In fact, the Gregorian calendar is an abomination to our Creator! It is the calendar Daniel spoke of when he stated in Daniel 7:25, “They shall think to change Times and Laws.” They, The Roman Catholic Church has done just that, changed both “Times and Laws” instituted by our Creator. So much more could be said concerning this topic.

When Constantine decreed the moon be totally divorced from all then modern calendation, if it were his intent or not, its end result without question has succeeded in separating a Creator from the “minds of man.“ This whether it was his intent or not, with the Gregorian calendar the world wonders after today, the end result is most of the world does not associate the moon as an intricate part of creation and its purpose with the One who has created all things.

The opening pages of Scripture's, in addition to throughout the Tanakh, it is clear our Creator placed his calendar within the heavenly bodies for all humanity to witness.

Have the Sun and the Moon Evolved?

Audio for
“Have the Sun and the Moon Evolved”.

   In the beginning . . . He created all things, this includes the Sun, Moon, and the Stars. Genesis 1:14-16

Besides to the daily light the sun provides, it also represents the beginning and ending of both days and years.

According to the pages of Scripture, the moon also has a very specific function all its own. It provides humankind with the information of weeks and months, the shorter segments of time.

Simply put, Emperor Constantine has removed the purpose/functionality of the moon in order to bring the control of time under the umbrella of the Roman calendar.

Other passages describe the breakdown of the components of each day, this study will not involve that information.

On this page of this website we are going to cover the 3 major lunar phases by which so many begin a scriptural lunar month. In order they will be as follows;

   1) The dark moon, or conjunction moon many believe begins a new month.

   2) The massive confusion the First Visible Crescent (FVC) many believe begins a new lunar month.

   3) Lastly, we will show where Scripture, as well as the witnesses in the heavens demonstrates, it is the Full Moon as the new moon.

Furthermore, we will show why we do not select/choose a full moons as a new moon, rather there is a very specific and deliberate event that occurs each month the entire world can witness, and it is that events which determines when new moon day occurs/begins.

It was our Creator who has implemented the New Moon Day (NMD) at the time He created all things. Due to the overpowering influences of the darker entities which roam this world, they had filched away the true meanings of His signs.

Remember, He did NOT give humankind a choice of lunar phases to choose from. He is NOT the author of confusion. These ancient alternatives have risen from those who desire to “remove a Creator from the minds of all.”

Rosh Chodesh
It's meaning and Significance concerning a New Moon.

Audio for
Rosh Chodesh

Let's face it folks, we all can agree on the fact that followers for every moon phase CLAIM they can PROVE the term Rosh Chodesh supports their personal moon phase theory. Those who follow a dark conjunction moon, a full moon, a crescent moon to a horned crescent moon. Why? We will suggest there has been an asserted effort to remove a Creator from the minds of man.

We can all agree Rosh Chodesh does represent, “The beginning of a month.” That is a fact. What remains now is to study all the phases, understand the problems with each and understand the One who has created this earth would not have added any element of confusion in seeking His New Moon Days, and His 7th day Sabbaths.

    /kun'fyo ZHn/

  • A lack of understanding; uncertainty.
    • “there seems to be some confusion about three FVC sightings in a single month”

  • The state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.
    • “he looked at her in confusion when told her FVC NMD was two days ago”

With that in mind, let's move forward

What Rosh Chodesh does NOT mean
What WE, at this site BELIEVE, the phrase Rosh Chodesh does not mean or represent, the re-illumination of the surface of the moon because of the massive confusion surrounding the sightings of the FVC. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can let go of the FVC under the belief they required the moon to receive first light straightaway after emerging from its dark phase. PLEASE do honest research concerning this phrase Rosh Chodesh.

Rosh Chodesh or Rosh Hodesh is the “Hebrew” name for the first day of a month. It is not an act of/for the growing of light.

Beginning of the Month; Head of the Month is the name for the first day of every month in the Hebrew calendar, marked by the birth of a new moon/Rosh Chodesh.

What Rosh Chodesh does mean
Yes, the phrase Rosh Chodesh means a “New Moon” more specifically, a “New Month.“ It represents the beginning of a month, a renewed counting of the days of the month. We believe it is the brightly illuminated, visible, full of light and signs, full moon which begins the “counting of days” at the point of the new moon.

Might Rosh Chodesh mean confusion?
We can also know such a relevant phrase as Rosh Chodesh would never represent the massive confusion the FVC causes. This begs the question, “while the FVC moon is taking its 3 days to make itself known to the world, which of the 3 days would you call the Rosh Chodesh?

Would the Rosh Chodesh be the first sighting over the western Pacific? Perhaps the second sighting over the eastern United States? Or in its worst-case scenario, any of the days who sight the moon on different days from the same longitude. Might they each have their own private Rosh Chodesh? Because that IS Exactly what IS taking place today within the FVC community! This makes no sense at all!

1 Corinthians 14:33 states Yahuah is NOT the author of confusion, but of peace.

More on this in the FVC section

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Below side by side are the three major phases most follow.
From here down on this page we will explore Scripture,
witness the heavens, and learn to trust our eyes.

Psalm 89:37 It will be securely established forever,
like the moon, a faithful witness in the sky. Selah

In your honest assessment,
which would you refer to as the best “witness?&rrdquo;

Conjunction, or Dark Moon


Referred to as FVC

First Visible Crescent

The Full Moon

Full Moon

Here we have the dark moon in the night sky.

Yes, the camera is pointing straight toward where NASA says the moon should be.
Not a “sign” in sight! This is the IMPOSSIBLE Phase!

If you think black text on a grey background is difficult to read,
you should try to find/see a black moon in a black sky. It just makes no sense.

Hover over the black image below to view the topic

   1st, You will NOT find the timing of a dark conjunction moon in Scripture, nor in the heavens without the aid of NASA data. So, if it unknown exactly WHEN a 100% dark moon occurs, how is it at all possible to find the New Moon day, based on something invisible?

Some claim they are to calculate the exact timing of when the moon turns 100% dark.
This is very incorrect and found nowhere in Scripture.

Some of the reasoning we have heard to justify keeping a conjunction moon

We have read from sites of those who keep a dark moon state: “We are not to have any images before us (such as the moon) because that is idolatry.” I would ask. “Are we not to have trees, birds, even our homes because they are considered to be “Idolatry?”

We receive newsletters from them and have asked them for this information. We have received newsletters from the leaders where they state they have again calculated the incorrect day for the new moon, this is because they simply do not look into the heavens.

There is no way for leaders of these conjunction groups to teach their followers what to look for in the heavens. This is simply because there is nothing there. Followers totally depend on leaders to telling them what, and when a new moon day is. We prefer to show others the signs so they are not dependent upon us or anyone else. Finding the New Moon Day is very easy with the Full moon.

Scripture would not call the moon a “Faithful Witness” if we are to seek black moon in black sky.


A likeness of a dark moon as a new moon:

Audio for
“A likeness of a dark moon as a new moon”.

It is the middle of my lunar month and I am in New York City. I need to get to the beginning of my next month which resides in Los Angeles California. You can use your automobile to drive there but you may use no illumination! You must drive from the 15th of the month, to the beginning of your dark moon month, from New York City to Los Angeles in complete darkness. No headlights on your car, no flashlights allowed, you are not even allowed a dashboard light inside your vehicle to read a map. Remember, a "black moon," is totally "dark" which means no lights allowed.

Darkness is incapable of overcoming light.

The light of the moon “Rules the night,”

so also are the “luminaries”

luminaries” are the “Signs
of our Creator

OK, We will lighten up the background a bit for easier reading. It is very difficult to read black on black.

Problems with a dark moon in a dark sky

Audio for
“OK We will lighten up the background”.

This image depicts the lack of "signs/light" as you move from the light of a full moon, into the darkness of man's conjunction new moon, where for them, a new month begins.

Beginning a month on a dark moon? This would make the exodus moon phase contrary to what Scripture teaches. This page covers this topic in detail.

The trip begins with what they call mid-month, or at the full moon. Departing New York, hundreds of road signs point the way the first few days due to the "illuminated signs" as the moon gives them "light", allowing each visibility. The moon lit signs easily guide you to the exits, where the restaurants might be, etc. In real life there would be ample signs the closer you draw to your Los Angeles destination/new month. Yet as you attempt to proceed, they become near impossible for navigation to bring you to your destination because of the lack of illuminated signs, thus missing your destination/new month as pitch dark is impossible to navigate. This is taking place for those who utilize a black moon to commence the beginning of months. Nowhere are we called to navigate a grim journey of darkness, or seek a lack of signs in the heavens. This makes no sense and is contradictory to what Scripture describes.

Please read this slowly and carefully. Just as the moon needs to be visible to provide signs for man to follow, so also is the need for the stars in the heavens to be visible as signs for all to understand their ordained task in the heavens. This visibility is just common sense, and part of what man was given at creation.

Audio for
“How many New Moon Days
are in a lunar month?”

How many New Moon Days in a Month?

Setting 1 Samuel 20:27 in its proper context.

Many who keep a dark moon as a new moon claim 1 Samuel 20:27 speaks of more than a single New Moon Day (NMD). The verse being referenced in their claim states: “The next day, the second day of the new moon, David's seat also happened to be empty.”

Let's be clear
It does NOT state; The 2nd new moon DAY.

It DOES state; The 2nd DAY, of the new moon.
The 2nd DAY, of a New Month

New Moon, is synonyms with New Month all throughout Scripture.
This illistration what
This is saying the 2nd day of the new moon/month. It is not speaking of a 2nd new moon day. In this verse and all throughout Scripture, a new moon refers to a new month. Allow me to repeat this, A New Moon, means a NEW MONTH. It is never in reference to the first day of a month being repeated over and over. A second NMD is not what this verse is suggesting.

In the simplest of terms, if we were speaking of the pagan Gregorian calendar, nobody would ever say that there were 2 Sundays that would begin a week of Mr. Gregory, then suggest the week begins after the 2nd Sunday of the week. Multiple new moon days are beyond anything Scripture speaks of.

The 2nd day of the new moon means/references the 2nd day of that month. In other words, yesterday was a new moon day, now then today, "the 2nd day of the new moon" is without question the first day of the first week in the makeup of the entire month.

1 Samuel 20:27 is taken out of context based on the balance of Scripture as described throughout its pages.

Question concerning your Feast Days:
IF, there were more than a single NMD in a month, from which day would you begin your count to feast days? Would you begin your feast days on the day your "leader" tells you to? Or would you rather begin your months per the pages of Scripture as counted all throughout?

Again, the 2nd day of a new moon means, the 2nd day of the month, or the first day which will begin the first week of the month, or the first day at the beginning of the first week of the new moon/month.

One last thought concerning this verse.
IF, a dark moon were the true New Moon, why would David even need to “hide” in a dark field, on a dark night? Would not the cover of a totally black night have been sufficient to render him invisible from anyone looking for him, even if he were standing in the middle of the field? Hmmm. Makes one wonder, does it not?

Audio for
“Scripture does not instruct us to
calculate New Moon Days”

Scripture never instructed us to calculate a New Moon Day
near a dark conjunction moon, a new day, or a new year.

LIGHT has been provided to define those parameters

It is the illuminated stars which tell us when to begin months as well as a year.

It is the illuminated moon which gives us days, weeks, and a month.

It is the illuminated sun which tell us when a day begins as well as a year.

Can you even imagine NO stars in the heavens? They HAVE LIGHT for a purpose!

?? So why would anyone begin a month without the aid of light in the heavens ??

Audio for
“Whoa Just a thought”.

Whoa! Just a thought. . . Could you even imagine beginning a year, month, and what about a DAY, without the guidance of illumination?? How could you? Grab the calculator? This differ not from attempting to begin a month without light to lead the way. It is unfathomable! The moon gives us a more local time, such as the days of the month, the week of and the duration of the month, so its phases are necessary. We know the stars are continuously illuminated. They depict our months and our years. On the other hand, another light has been provided for us with a greater role to play, that which portrays our days and weeks as well as months in the heavens, that detailed information comes from the moon cycling through its phases. Light is essential.

Might a Dark Moon Work? No.
There is no Scriptural evidence for the black moon to be appointed as a new moon. The teachings of the Talmud is where one might find the understandings of a dark or barely visible moon to be used as a new moon to beckon the beginning of a month.

Yahuah provided a pillar of fire to light the way as the Israelites left Egypt. We believe He brought them out of a dark Egypt on a dark, moonless morning, the 15th of the Month of Abib while it was a Dark Moon. Hence the pillar of light to lead the way by a dark night. Please research why the Roman Catholic Church plans its Easter at a Full Moon. Our Creator began the journey of the Israelites on a dark night, the 15th, a dark moon, He then provided LIGHT for the journey.

Hover over the FVC image below to view the topic

Here we have the First Visible Crescent (FVC).

Video and more below this image.

The FVC moon is extremely problematic! It forces a minimum of 3 Sabbaths EVERY month!

   The First Visible Crescent (FVC) is the most problematic of all the phases for multiple reasons.

Some claim the FVC needs to be two fingers above the horizon. This is nowhere to be found in Scripture. The major problems are listed below.

Reasoning we have heard to justify a FVC moon.

Those who follow the FVC to seek a new moon claim this is what the Israelites followed. Not true! I base this claim on false assumptions, as there is nothing in Scriptures which speaks of a first visible crescent as being a new moon.

The sighting of the crescent across the face of the earth is nothing less than mass confusion. This web page makes this crystal-clear with video support, illustrations, as well as data from a governing body who show monthly, the visibility of the crescent moon extends over a 3-day period.

A reason for the popularity of the crescent moon comes from the recruiting frenzy, which took place approximately 25 years ago. This when Luni-solar Sabbaths seekers again began acknowledging the luminaries as the scriptural calendar. Most recruited at the time took the word of the then recruiters, not doing their research.

Only a single scenario within the pages of Scripture specifically speaks of the 15th of the month, and that night being as; “dark as a smoking furnace” demonstrating the 1st day of the month was a bright moon.

Scripture would not call the moon a “Faithful Witness” if we were to seek it over 3 evenings.

If you seek the FVC to begin your lunar month, this segment is for you.

In this short video we help explain the problem of the 3 days it takes for the First Visible Crescent (FVC) to expose its self fully across the face of this earth. When a group of FVC watchers who covers the earth is divided into 3 days, each celebrating their Sabbaths over the span of 3 days, that is called confusion and is in no way the planned intent of our Creator.

If the space below is blank, YTube is playing games so the link can be found here.

3-6 New Moon Days, or 3-6 Sabbaths in one lunar month.
This is NOT the will of our Creators!

A Closer Look:

Audio for
3-6 Sabbaths

Any phase that does not support a clear and concise visible distinction
as to exactly when a new moon occurs, should not be considered.

Here is what takes place every time a FVC keeper begins a lunar month.

I was also once a first visible crescent seeker to commence each of our lunar months. We as a group in west Michigan would eagerly take the 50 minute drive to Lake Michigan after we believed the crescent moon had achieved at least 6-7% illumination to observe it over the big lake on the western horizon.

After a bit of research, I discovered the disheartening fact that those on the West Coast of the United States had already spotted the FVC the previous evening, and they were routinely celebrating their Sabbaths a day ahead of our group in Michigan. Further studies showed those to the east of me, were celebrating yet a third day, causing three Sabbaths every month.

But there is even another problem!
In addition to the multiple days for the FVC to cover the earth, I also discovered the longitudinal problem. That is where those directly south of me on the same longitude would spot the FVC, yet our group to the north, we would never see the FVC, only a larger moon days later.

By clicking on the following links it will clearly demonstrate every single month requires 2 evenings, many times 3 evenings for the FVC to be observed across the earth.           Day 1       Day 2       Day 3

The link below is where the monthly data is tracked.
If you view several months, it will give you a better understanding.
After opening the link below, open several links, 3 on each line, or 3 days in a row.
You will find the truth.

Many years of data can be found here.

Be sure to view images below. They tell a big story.

Audio for
3-6 Sabbaths

By scrolling through the images, you will understand the mass confusion caused by the inconsistent sighting methods of the First Visible Crescent (FVC), as well as sightings over multiple days for the crescent to become visible over the entire earth.

Step back and honestly ask yourselves;
Are sightings the FVC over multiple days the way our Creator would have us begin a new month?”

We believe our Creator's intent is to bring the entire world together for worship on a single day.
This is an impossible task with the FVC.

Also, be sure to watch the video directly under the images.

Even the professional FVC seekers are getting it wrong.

For those who follow the First Visible Crescent to begin your months.
Please study the following illustrations.

Audio for
“For those who follow the First Visible Crescent”.

Problems with the FVC as a new moon are explained below.

The 3+ days which is required for the moon to be sighted across the face of the earth when those who look for it covers a 4+ day span, thus creating 4 plus new Moon days, very possibly the beginning of a year over the span of 4 days, you will begin to see the confusion which takes place when people use the sighting of the first visible crescent to begin their month, or year, or feast days.

This is nothing less than massive confusion and it can safely be said that this is not the intent of our Creator to begin a month.

Please understand exactly what is taking place in the illustrations below.

Below is an illustrations from the UK government website which tracks the first visible crescent across the face of the earth. The links to this page can be found immediately above.

The following 3 smaller illustrations are from the larger image below.
Click each to enlarge.
  1. Day one at the bottom of this illustration is 1991, September 8, demonstrates the location of the very first visibility/possible sighting of the first visible crescent.

  2. Day 2 in the middle of this illustration 1991, September 9, demonstrates in the red area, the 2nd day the first visible crescent still failed to cover the earth with it's visibility on the 2nd day.

  3. Day 3 at the top of this illustration 1991, September 10, shows the 3rd day in red where the first visible crescent has become visible.

  4. Please notice on the 3rd day the entire top of the illustration for September 10, the first visible crescent is still invisible to the entire northern portion of the map. This means it will take at least a 4th day, or a 5th day for any type of the moon to be visible in those areas across the top of the map September 10 because it will require a larger brighter moon before it will become visible.

Essentially what is taking place is FVC spotters across the earth are sighting the FVC over multiple evenings, thus causing multiple new moon days. This just for starters.

Why? The FVC is not “visible” to the entire world in a single evening.

The only moon phase to achieve this task to unite the entire world is the Full Moon.

Audio for
Longitudinal problems

The FVC requires 3, 4, and at times even more evenings for the entire world will witness it.
By then, it is no longer a FVC, it is a much larger moon.

Folks, it gets even much worse!

Below you will see the longitudinal problems the FVC also causes,
due to the impossible sighting of the FVC in northern latitudes.

Click on the smaller images below with the red vertical lines,
those areas will never see the FVC. How can that be a sign?

If the FVC watchers are taking 3 days for the observation over the face of the earth,
it also causes them to begin EVERY year, as well as feast days over the span of 3 or more days!!
So Joe, which of the several days are you celebrating Passover this year?

This is not a joke folks.

Those in the west who sight the FVC on evening #1 will claim that day to be their Sabbath.

Here is the source page

Click on image to enlarge

The 2nd evening, a 2nd group east of those who 1st sighted the FVC in the west,
will sight it on the 2nd evening will also claim that 2nd day to be their Sabbath.

See all those red vertical lines north of the sighting area on the same longitude?
Those folks will NOT see the FVC on the 1st or 2nd evenings, or 3rd, or 4th!
Do you see why? The FVC is to far south. They will only see a larger brighter moon days later.
This method of sighting for a new moon is in no way a product of our Creator.

Here is the source page

Click on image to enlarge

The 3rd evening, a 3rd group yet further east of the first 2 groups,
will claim a 3rd evenings sighting to be their Sabbath.

According to the image below from a very reliable source,
the entire northern portion of the earth will NEVER see the FVC this month!

Click on image to enlarge

All 3 groups believe as they see the FVC in the western sky in their own local,
each truly and honestly believe they are the first to sight the FVC at their location.

But it matters not, the sightings are without question, scattered over several days!

An honest evaluation of the multiple sightings of the moon as it emerges from its dark phase,
decisively proves the FVC is by no means what our Creator designed to usher in His New Moon Days.

But there is hope.

Scroll down to the Full Moon as a New Moon.

Hover over the Full Moon image below to view the topic

Here the Moon is Fully Illuminated.

Like a “Sign” in the Heavens should be.

Do you remember looking into the bright moon lit night sky saying, “What a beautiful full moon.
This is because the full moon is the only moon phase which can produce the abundance of “sings.”

  Folks say the bright moons last for 3 evenings. YES! This is very true.
It is those “visible signs” which usher in a new month!! The bright moons announce the transition is about to occur. What is this “transition” you ask? We explain all of this in detail below. The entire world will witness the transition in a SINGLE EVENING. This ushers in New Moon Day uniting all to worship on a single day.

Do you desire truth how the heavens announce our Creators New Moon Days?

We strongly suggest you first read the section concerning the errors of the first visible crescent. This so you might understand the importance of the transition in this segment.
Some Facts;
  • There are no such thing as multiple new Moon days.
  • Scripture never teaches to calculate the arrival of a new moon.
  • Ancient writings never suggest holding fingers to the horizon to qualify a FVC.
  • Sadly, many will cling to multiple sightings of the FVC refusing to acknowledge the simplicity of the transition.
There is but a single moon phase which qualifies visually, esthetically, uses common sense and judgment, most importantly Scripture. That is a full moon ushering in what we refer to here as the transition.

The transition is described below in great detail. It is a notable accomplishment of the moon. It follows the 3-4 bright lit moons which precede this action to bring the entire world together in a single day.

If you are new to keeping a lunar solar calendar, please study the entire contents of this page. It leaves no questions concerning which phase of the moon qualifies as a new moon.

“Signs,” lead us to our Creators Sabbaths!

Genesis 1:14
Yahuah said, Let there be lights (That would be the sun, moon and stars) in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years,

Luke 21:25
And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves

Are signs in the heavens in the heavens, “Visible,” or are they “Invisible?"
Look no further. Read below for further understanding.

What Scriptures state concerning “darkness.”

Audio for
“What Scriptures state concerning darkness”

You will never hear a person make the statement, look at that beautiful conjunction moon, it is so vibrant and beautiful. The reason you'll never hear the statement is because it is invisible. A sign it does not behold.

The pages of Scripture does not speak good of “darkness,” whether it be of personal actions, or of the physical attributes of life.

Ephesians 5:11
Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

Matthew 6:23
But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

1 John 1:6
If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth;

Job 12:25
They grope in the dark without light, and he maketh them to stagger like a drunken man.

Psalm 35:6
Let their way be dark and slippery: and let His angel persecute them.

Origins of the word night.
late Old English niht (West Saxon neaht, Anglian næht, neht) “the dark part of a day; darkness,” also “absence of spiritual illumination, moral darkness, ignorance,” from Proto-Germanic *nahts

What Scriptures state concerning “light,” creation, and the origins of light.

Audio for
“What Scriptures state concerning light”

Yahuah rid the void of darkness by creating light.

Genesis 1:3-5
Yahuah announced, Let there be light: and there was light. Yahuah saw the light, that it was good:

Our Creator is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

He has given the brightest beacons in the heavens to act as signs.

The stars which announce a new year, are they dim and invisible? Or are they the greater beacons because they are of “light?” In fact, they have been designed in such a way the lights of the stars never dim or go out. This is so you will know what time of year it is.

  1. The sun gives us our days and years.

  2. The moon gives us our weeks and months. As well as red moon warnings.

  3. The stars give us our seasons, months as well as years
  4. .

Ask yourself, are any of those so important signs, void of light? Of course not!
Each has its function, none greater than the others. Psalm 19:2-6

Each one is of our Creator, each designated/designed with light for a reason.

A dark conjunction moon can have NO function as it has NO visibility!

It is the total of the illumination working together in harmony which ushers in our feast days.

Genesis 1:14, Let THEM (All of them) be for Signs, Seasons, Days and Years.

Jeremiah 31:35, Thus says Yahuah, who gives the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar.

Psalm 136:7-9, To Him who made the glorious lights, for His loving kindness is everlasting, the sun to rule by day, the moon and stars to rule by night.

It is impossible for dark stars and moon to RULE anything.

Psalm 8:3, When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained.

Job 25:5, If even the moon has no brightness and the stars are not pure in His sight.

Psalm 148:3, Praise Him, sun and moon; praise Him, all stars of light!
Without “light,” could the sun, moon and stars “praise Him?”

You get the point, In order to qualify to be a “Sign,” it MUST have LIGHT!
A dark conjunction moon, it has no light. No light, No Sign.     Period!

Was Moses shown a dark moon, or a FVC to commence a month?

Audio for
“Was Moses shown a dark moon”

Exodus 12:1-2
Yahuah spoke unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.” That is pretty much it.

Despite others' desire to use these verses to support their theories, the verses provided here, or elsewhere, unfortunately, do not elaborate on the context of the question/topic. There is no way to know exactly what Moses was being shown.

The lying pens of the Scribes? Moses was shown specific information. It is understood, to “remove a Creator from the minds of man,” the enemy needs to separate humankind from its Creator's lights in the heavens.

In this study, we show the 15th of the month was “as dark as a smoking furnace.” This study is also on this page, which demonstrates the Full Moon is the New Moon.

It is problematic to consider he was shown a First Visible Crescent (FVC). WHY? Which one of the 3 FVC it takes to cover the earth would Moses have been shown? (Please study the section on this page, which covers the problems of the FVC as a new moon.)

In the above verses, we are told Moses and Aaron had met with Yahuah and we can only assume He showed them the heavens. (Unless they were shown an illustration for a later date, which we doubt very much). IF, they were shown the heavens at the time of this verse, we believe it is safe to say they were not shown a dark moon because there would have been nothing to show Moses and Aaron. Have any of us encouraged our children to draw pictures, then insist they use only black markers on black paper to illustrate their pictures? (This is what a dark moon on a dark night would result in.) Of course not. We provided them with a rainbow of colors.

The timing of the year we know is Abib. It is the position and phases of the heavenly bodies, which remain in question in this verse.

The context of these verses is void of specific instructions concerning a moon phase. The stage was set to implement detailed instructions for generations of humankind to adhere to, but at least in this incident that did not take place. Do not be discouraged, later on this page we will share two events, which do take place and make it very clear it is the full moon as a new moon.

We are aware of those who insist a single special star in the heavens, in a certain position in the heavens, begins a new year.

This website has confidence our Creator showed Moses all the wonderful array of stars in the heavens that announce a different story every day. The array of information in the heavens change monthly, they ALL as a whole provide an abundance of detailed information. It is not a single star we are to search for, but the totality of all the stars that testify to our Creator's Glory as they traverse through the heavens. The creation account states the lights are for “days and years,” Not a single dim star. Genesis 1:14-19 Nowhere within the pages of Scripture are we instructed to seek out a single star for anything. We trust it is the multitude of all the stars, all in a specific position, which coincides with other signs that beacons in a new year.

We cover when a year begins in this video. If you wish to view our other videos, please click here.

Waxing versus Waning.
How can I tell the difference.

A couple of points to remember.

For better reading, left click on the image below and drag it to your desktop,
once on your desktop, double click the image to open in your viewer.

Waxing Phase
This begins at the western horizon at sun-SET.

Audio for
“Waxing Phase”

For those not familiar with this, allow us to explain.

It is important to understand the differences between when the moon is waxing versus its waning phase. The moon's phases of waxing Vs waning tell us what part of the month we are in, the 1st two weeks, or the 2nd two weeks of the month.

The waxing phase is between the first visible crescent phase in the western sky and the full moon phase.

The waning phase is between the full moon phase and the conjunction phase.

Yes, we all learned that in school. Let's be more specific.

This is VERY Important to Remember.
Both Waxing and Waning phases are visible during MOST of the daylight hours, but when you ask?

Take the time to get out of doors and view them during both daylight and evening dark hours.

The waxing phase begins with the First Visible Crescent (FVC). The waxing FVC is first visible following the conjunction dark moon on the western horizon right at sunset as soon as the moon has achieved a minimum of 7% illumination.

Please read the portion of this page why the FVC cannot be a new moon.

Remember, the waxing moon is visible every single day during afternoon daylight hours. The first sighting of the FVC will be in the late afternoon sky at sunset and will be visible in the early to late afternoon daylight hours, and as it grows in illumination, it will show higher in the sky and each phase moves eastwardly until the moon turns full. These signs in the heavens during the afternoon hours provide all of humankind over the face of the world the knowledge required to lead all of humanity into our Creator's new moon day on a single day.

Psalms 19:1-3
The heavens are telling of the glory of its Creator; And the expanse of heaven is declaring the work of His hands. Day after day pours forth speech, And night after night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there spoken words from the stars where their voice is not heard.

When this versus speaking of the heavens, it is speaking of the lights which are contained within the realm of the heavens.

It is only “visible light” within the heavens which is capable of “speaking” to all of humanity. It is these same lights, such as the sun, which give us our days and years. The moon which gives us our months and weeks and the stars which gives us our months and weeks which speak to us daily. Scripture tells us it is for all humankind to witness. It clearly states “day after day,” this being daylight hours the entire world is being spoken to visually when our Creators New Moon Days and Sabbaths are.

If you believe there is any way shape or form, a dark moon amid a dark sky can bring forth speech, or knowledge to any person on the face of the earth, that certainly is not which Scripture portrays.

Is the moon waxing or waning? The moon will provide this information the second you look at it.

But remember, folks in the South, see the moon mirrored from those who see it in the North.

Waxing, in the Northern hemisphere the bright side of a waxing moon is always on the right side and viewed in a “D” shape.

Waxing, in the Southern hemisphere the bright side of a waning moon is always on the left side and viewed in a “C” shape.

This visual information is available to each of us the second we look at the moon.
Here is what to look for either North, or South of the equator.

Both of these images represent a Waxing moon from left to right,
The top two represent North of the equator - The bottom two represent South of the equator.

North of

South of

Audio for
“During the afternoon visible
waxing phase of the moon”

During the afternoon visible waxing phase of the moon, it grows brighter each day, gaining 40-50 minutes separation until achieving its fullness. A waxing moon always follows the sun to the western horizon as they traverse together from east to west.

Yes, the waxing phase of the moon is visible every single day in the afternoon hours. But because it begins as a sliver in the western sky, most people rarely notice it until it achieves near 50% illumination. At 50% most people will see it in the sky straight above their heads at sunset.

As the moon achieves greater light in the afternoon/evening sky, the entire world will witness its 100% fullness. At the point of 100% full moon, the transition of the moon will occur when it moves from the late afternoon/evening hours in the eastern sky, to the early morning sky the very next day where the moon will then show just above the western horizon. It is this clear exchange from night sky to morning sky which unites the entire world on His Sabbaths without confusion.

A bit on the transitioning moon.
It needs to be noted, those who are researching to adhere to the full Moon as a new moon, we do not select any specific moon phase, or any of the 3 full moons to begin our new moon day. Rather, we watch the signs of the moon becoming brighter, especially the 3-4 bright moons prior to it becoming “full.” Those brightly lit moons, some say, are confusing. We are asked, “Which one do you choose from?” The fact is, we do not choose any of them. They are our early indicators of the closeness of the transition. It is only the transition of the moon from late afternoon/early evening sky, to morning sky which initiates our new moon day. The reason for this is, when the transition occurs, it happens in such a way the entire world will clearly witness the moons transition from night sky to morning sky.

More on this below.

Waning Phase

Audio for
“During the waning phase”

During the waning phase, the moon's visibility begins on the western horizon at sunrise. Later elevating its position mid-morning. Finally losing its light in the late afternoon hours as it progressively moves closer to the sun each day. The sun daily follows the waning moon as they traverse from east to west.

Might a dwindling lit moon in any way qualify as a witness? The answer is a resounding No!

Two key points to understand:
  • While the moon is waxing, 1st look for it at/near sun-SET in the late afternoon sky.

  • While it is waning, 1st look for it in the western morning sky at sun-RISE.
OK, so what does it mean?

9:14 AM, you just returned from a jog in the park and you saw the moon.
What point in the month is it?

6:30 PM, you are taking your family out for dinner; the moon is directly overhead.
What point in the month is it?

Also remember this important fact when traveling across the equator.

Scripture clearly says the 15th of the month “was as dark as a smoking furnace.

Audio for
Scripture clearly says the 15th of the month
“was as dark as a smoking furnace”

Before we began, we want to thank Ken Alder of for his discovery of this material in the early part of 2013. Thank you Ken for sharing this wonderful discovery.

Two isolated events, 430 years separated by a lunar calendar.

In this segment we will pull together two events from Scripture which clearly reveal the full moon is the new moon. It is our prayer these texts will validate in your mind, as it has ours, how Scripture categorically describes a new moon as a full moon.

Beware of those who would do you harm with the lies.

The damage originates at the "Lying pens of the scribes". More recently are the "Lying pens" of the translators, and translations of today's Scripture.

During this read, we need to remember it was the Roman Empire who severed all ties of the original luni-solar calendar in the heavens, then later over a 300 year period, forcing the Gregorian calendar on the world. The same one who claims to be the "Vicar of Christ" on this earth today.

In the Context of "Here a little, there a little".

We understand Scripture many times requires "Here a little, there a little". A few points of Scripture require assembly to demonstrate what we believe to be the true phase our Father spoke to Moses concerning this important topic relating to the phase of the moon at the time of this first Passover. This specific point, and 430 years prior, is important and has bearing for multiple reasons.

Scripture reveals Passover was the evening of the 14th day of the first month. The only thing that needs to be shown is the moon phase on either the 15th day, the day of Passover, or at the beginning of the month. Leviticus 23:4-6

This, we will do here in this study.

Exodus 12:1-7 describes the scene like this:

Audio for
“Exodus 12:1-7 describes the scene like this”

There is a very specific reason for the timing our Father spoke to Moses saying, "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." The timing is being made very clear to Moses, this is the beginning of a year.

Why at this point? Why mention the beginning of a month and year at this point?

Here a little, there a little? We think so.

Yahuah instructs Moses to speak to all the congregation of Israel, telling them "in the tenth day of this first month of the year they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for a house." Essentially, they are being prepared for the Exodus that is to come in just a few quick days.

Yahuah instructed them to take a lamb without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep or from the goats and hold it in safekeeping until the fourteenth day of the same month.

Here is where the timing becomes important; Moses instructs the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel to prepare it on the evening of the 14th of that first month of the year where the Heavenly Father had just spoken to Moses concerning when a year begins.

In Exodus 12:1-2, Yahuah tells Moses this; "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." We believe the timing of these instructions were very specific and deliberate as the Israelites were about to be shepherded from Egypt. The first Passover was about to be instituted. Yahuah instructed Moses to wisely record the timing of the year, the illumination of the moon, and the journey as they departed for future generations to understand.

Dove tailing when a year begins, together with two other critical events which took place previously, we will get to in a moment. We will establish from Scripture, specifically Torah, the exact phase of the new moon during the years beginning as mentioned in Exodus 12.

Let's examine these two revealing events together and discover why we believe it was the full moon being shown to Moses at the time our heavenly father spoke concerning the beginning of the year.

Let it be noted, several scholars agree the recorded events of the Exodus by Moses are very detailed and accurate. Moses's records are said to be more accurate than others in Scripture. Numbers 33:2-3. Hover over any Scripture verses to read each. Here it is stated; "They departed from Rameses in the first month, on the 15th day of the first month; on the day after the Passover".

As we continue to read it will be demonstrated from Scripture why the 15th of the month, as they departed Rameses, it was a dark moon.

Yes, Scripture reveals in this 2nd event (1st event chronologically) the night was as dark as the smoke of a furnace on the night of the 15th. This would clearly demonstrate the point when Yahuah spoke with Moses concerning the beginning of the month/year. Moses was shown a brilliant moon lit night, a "Full Moon" as the beginning of that lunar month/year.

A couple of events beginning to tie things together:

Audio for
“A couple of events beginning to tie things together”

Moses led the Israelites from Egypt prior to first light on the fifteenth day, at the first of the year.

Exodus 12:40-42
Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts exited out from the land of Egypt.

430 years - At the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day. Remember this written fact.

Why would the 15th of the month have been selected for the Exodus? A better question might be, why a pillar of fire was necessary at the time of the exit? Part of that answer might be, with the cloud to guide them during the day and the pillar of fire to guide them during the night, it had to of been an awesome display of our Creator and this would have given the Israelites great faith to follow this awesome display after the extended time in captivity.

Let's bring Abram into the equation.

Audio for
“Let's bring Abram into the equation”

Genesis 12:1-3, Now Abraham, you shall become the father of multiple nations and of many descendants, numbers greater than the stars. You will give "the whole land of Canaan" to your descendants

The covenant between Abraham and Yahuah was made the 15th of the first month of the year. How do we know this? There were exactly 430 lunar-solar year's, To-The-Very-Same-Day, to the 15th of the first month of the year when Passover occurred. Hmmm, this is interesting.

Is the Gregorian calendar, and the luni-solar calendar of Abrams day the same?
We need to remember there was no Gregorian, or man-made calendar at that point in time to cause confusion within the lunar month.

On the Gregorian calendar, if your birthday is June 3, and it falls on a Wednesday this year. The same June 3 next year, it may land on a Monday, or a Friday the following year.

The disjointed series of days the Gregorian calendar presents is consistent with its design. It has been detached from all observable heavenly luminaries, except the sun, and this for a reason. They implemented it for the systematic worship of their pagan deities. There is NOTHING natural about it. Constantine ended the natural lunar system of calendation from all mankind.

However, when you measure the natural flowing calendar our Creator has placed in the heavens, this displays His glory and brings forth knowledge. Given this, if you were born on the 3rd day of the 2nd lunar month, your birthday would be exactly on the 3rd day of the 2nd lunar month the next year and the 3rd day of the 2nd month every successive year that follows. The lunar-solar calendar is a natural calendar that dictates the heavens as prescribed by our Creator.

You can see how the one is natural by the manner in which it flows, and the other is a complete counterfeit and out of harmony with nature and in need of serious revisions. (ie 1582). Rome literally rips away 10 days from their calendar! Yet the cycle of named days does not skip a beat ?!?!? Go figure!

Audio for
“Please read this very carefully”

Please read this very carefully.
For one to be faithful to the calendar our Creator has placed in the heavens,
We MUST completely divorce ourself from all aspects of the Gregorian calendar.

With this concept in mind, let us delve into the story of when Yahuah made a covenant with Abram 430 years prior to Passover exactly to the same day. Remember, this could not take place on a Gregorian calendar, it cannot even get an anniversary of anything on the same day it had originally occurred.

Utilizing the lunar-solar calendar 430 years exactly to the same day, the Abram covenant took place. Let us examine the language in Scripture. It tells us that on the exact same day, (prior to the first Passover), Yahuah made a covenant with Abram. What does verse 17 tell us? It tells us when the sun went down on that day it was dark "behold like a smoking furnace." Genesis 15:17-18.

When something takes place on a "selfsame day" on a lunar-solar calendar, you can be guaranteed it was the exact same day 430 years later.
  • If yesterday the sun went down and it was dark similar to a "smoking furnace," it will also apply to the same point in time exactly 1 year later. It will also apply to the same point in time exactly 3 year later, 18 years later, or 182 years later. It matters not.

  • If Scripture tells of the fact 430 years earlier the sun went down and it was dark similar to a "smoking furnace," we can know, it also happened at the same point in time 430 years later on the night of the Passover?

  • In the clearest of terms, it needs to be said that on the 15th of the month when the covenant was made with Abram, it was a dark moon.

Scripture calls the 15th of the month a dark moon, this ultimately results in a new moon being a full moon. For anyone new out there seeking this information let it be known that these facts cannot be refuted. For those that have been at this for quite some time and believe that a FVC, a dark moon, or a horned crescent is the new moon, please demonstrate this from Scripture.

If course it will be challenged that the 15th of that month was a full moon and the column of fire was just the presence of Yahuah. With the words in Scripture that would be an invalid argument because a lunar solar cycle 430 years later would land you on the exact same day/night.

   Now The 2nd Event

Audio for
“Now The 2nd Event”

"Even the selfsame day it came to pass" that is to say that on that exact lunar day, the exact same lunar phase of that lunar month, 430 years prior, the heavens were illuminated in the exact manner as it was 430 years earlier. It appears Scripture has given us the answer to solving this. Exodus 12:40-43

Scripture tells us when Yahuah made the covenant with Abram 430 years earlier/prior to the first Passover, the evening/night of that event was an inky night, as the smoke of a furnace. Very dark!

Now 430 years later, first Passover occurred on a lunar-solar calendar. What this means is that from 430 years previous and every subsequent year, including the 1st Passover, the evening of the 15th of the first month displayed the same degree of illumination. Why? Because of the reliability of the consistent lunar phase throughout each of those years at that point in time. This we cannot argue as Scripture confirms this to be true and correct.

Let's take a moment and compare the "Easter" of Rome with Passover. Proof is twofold. Even though the Vatican ties this day to the first "sun-day" following the first full moon after the equinox, the "same named day" is impossible and remains unassociated to any of its own pagan named days. The Roman day it falls on differs every year.
  • One cannot mix good with evil, the "natural" with the "unnatural" and expect "natural" results.

  • Only two naturals can produce natural results.

  • Two evils will produce, well, the resulting evil.

  • Good and evil cannot co-inhabit.

We can be sure of two things.
Audio for
“We can be sure of two things”
  1. The heavenly units of measure are not arbitrary. Our Creator placed the luminaries in the heavens. His calendar is knowledge, assured, and unfailing.

  2. Rome has made every attempt to destroy all knowledge of what our Creator had originally intended, forcing its law upon man with its own pagan named Sabbaths. This has forced man under the umbrella of their sun god(s). This includes placing their god of Saturnalia as the 7th day on their pagan calendar, portraying it to be of creation. This tricks thousands of good souls into believing this false 7th day (Saturday) is of our Creator.

    Yes, I would sadly say the Roman church has achieved its goals in removing a Creator from the minds of man. But, there is an awakening happening all over our Creator's universe. Many more are daily waking up to the fact that our Creator does exist and leaving the silly theories of evolution to those who desire to stagger in them.

    • Please understand the significance of these verses found in Psalm 19:2-6.

      This is speaking of the heavens and the luminaries thereof, there is not a single place on earth, not a language spoken anywhere in the world that does not have the opportunity to witness the glory, the knowledge and understanding of the heavens being declare to mankind. Our Creator has created and designed mankind with the same glory and significance as He created the heavens that so boldly witness. We wish to again emphasize signs in the heavens that bring us to his new moon days, followed by his first day of worship.

      What an awesome Creator we do serve, in complete opposition to the theory of evolution being crammed down the throats of our vulnerable children on a daily basis.

    • Day after day they pour forth speech.
      These verses are clearly telling us that not only during the night hours, but also day after day during the daylight hours, the luminaries of the heavens, specifically speaking of the moon and the sun, are continually speaking, declaring knowledge and witnessing to those who desire to understand their meaning.

    • There is no speech or language where their voice (luminaries) is not heard.

Audio for
“Moving on”
Moving on.

We know this to be true. Rome has also displaced every feast day of our Creator, replacing each of them with a perverted version of its own. (ie. Easter, X-mas etc)

Yahuah confirmed with Moses when the beginning of His month/year would begin. This was made very clear to Moses by the One who created the heavens/calendar, for a specific reason.
  • Why did Yahuah speak to Moses at this very specific time, verifying the beginning of a year? Exodus 12:1-2.

  • What are your thoughts, where Scripture tells us; "all things shall be revealed?" Isaiah 29:16.

  • What are your thoughts on the state of the evening, exactly 430 years later on the first Passover? Genesis 15:17.

Why the moon is bright in the daylight AND evening sky for 3 days?

Audio for
“Why a Full Moon for 3 evenings”

Why a Full Moon for 3 evenings?

There is a lack of understanding why the moon appears full in the day sky over several days.

Yes, I said “day sky.”
Why is this important?

Most associate the moon with dark hours. Please understand, this is not the case.

We created humans were designed/created to work during the daylight hours, and sleep during night hours.

When our Creator design this earth, He designed it so the greatest illuminated signs of the moon which beckon his New Moon Days would be CLEAR and VISIBLE. Yes, visible during daylight hours and approaching evening hours for the entire world to witness during our working hours. He designed it in such a way there would be a minimum of 3 days with his glorious beckoning of His bright moon in the heavens, for the entire world to see, which would lead all of humanity in a single evening without confusion into his New Moon Days.

Our moon is a wonderful witness to the glory of Yahuah. Night after night as well as during daylight hours, it announces itself in the heavens, announcing to the world the time of the week, and the month. It sustains life continually proclaiming the glory and wisdom of our Creator. (Psalm 8:3-4) Either daylight, or night hours it tells us of the powerful majesty of Yahuah in the sky above.

Another light related topic most pay little attention to. It allows for the changing of our seasons across the earth. The moon helps regulate the seasons. Scripture testifies to this in Psalms 104:19.

The true signs of the heavens are pure, they are highly visible. His signs are designed to pave the way for the entire world to come into His presence on His Holy Sabbaths all on a single day. The FVC is not able to achieve this, nor is the dark conjunction moon.

Another point is made in the next segment. A late afternoon moon near sunset allows for the transition of the moon from its Waxing phase, to its Waning moon easily observable, which is of course the transition we seek to usher in our New Moon Days.

Suddenly, the evening moon is gone. Where did it go?

Audio for
“Suddenly the evening moon is gone”

You have observed the moon for 3 evenings becoming brighter each night. Tonight during my normal out-of-doors observation, the moon is no longer visible at sunset, but it rose from the eastern horizon 50 minutes after sunset.

(This is a huge clue).
This means the moon WILL witness on the western horizon at sunrise the next morning. You at this point you need to plan for your New Moon Day to begin at sunrise. It is as simple as that folks. You have observed the transition even PRIOR to the sunrise the next morning at which time you will commence your New Moon Day.

I will mention this here, and again later. IF, the moon rises AFTER the sun has completely set; it has already begun its waning phase. Do not allow this fact to slide by. The transition you are looking for has already taken place.

In the previous illustration you saw the phases of the moon progress each evening as the moon grew brighter and brighter. This because of the moons' progression closer to its 180° opposition in order to achieve its fullness.

If you are faithful to watch the moon each evening at sunset, you will notice it grows more full, becoming 100% illuminated as a full moon. Each night's journey is approximately 50 minutes further to the east at sunset. It has now begun its waning phase. At this point the moon has already drawn itself closer to the sun and tell it once again achieves its conjunction phase.

The transition, so clear and decisive.

A Closer Look.

Audio for
“The transition, so clear and decisive”

The process, or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

  • So what is this transition we speak of?

  • What are the elements of this transition?

  • When, where, and how does this transition occur?

The “Transition,” takes place in a moment in time. At the exact moment when the waxing moon achieves 100% opposition to the sun, it in astronomical terms, changes from a Waxing moon, to a Waning moon. This takes place at a very specific point in time. When the moon transfers its brilliance from the evening sky to the morning sky all in a single night. It is this instant change from the light of the evening Waxing moon in the east, to the following morning Waning moon which displays itself on the western horizon when the transition occurs. This transfer of light from the evening, to the following morning is what the entire world will witness together.

To help you understand the significance of this so important transfer of light, this is the only time this heavenly sign takes place. Not another phase can claim this perfect transfer of light. It is this visible transfer of light which brings the entire world together, all on a single day.

The First Visible Crescent cannot achieve this so important task. The dark moon, all we can say is you will find no signs in the heavens, nor will you find any Scripture supporting a dark moon as a new moon.

Please see the illustrations below to help explain this transfer of light.

A bit more in-depth

Audio for
“A bit more in depth”

The “Transition” spoken of, is the moment in time when the moon changes
from a Waxing Moon to a Waning Moon.

Waxing - 100% light - Transition - 100% light - Waning.

It is the passing through when the moon passes through the point being 180 degrees opposite the sun. Late afternoon sky waxing up to the transition, instantly followed by the beginning stages of waning in the morning sky.

The waxing moon begins at sunset, the moon is visible every day in daylight,
but only in the afternoon sky. Great signs to follow, do you agree?

Important note, when you see the moon rise up from the eastern horizon AFTER SUNSET,
the moon is ruling the night. You can be sure the following day will be your new moon day, as the transition has taken place. Follow the orchestrated motions of the sun and moon over time, this will become second nature.

The waning moon, on the other hand, begins in the morning sky at sunrise at the western horizon, then daily transitions through the sky to the eastern horizon in the late afternoon.

A key is to watch the daily progression at the same time each day.

The easiest, Scriptural, most reliable method for finding New Moon Day.

Audio for
“The easiest, Scriptural”

This is what the beginning of the transition looks like just hours before it occurs.

First, you will watch the moon grow in its intensity from the first visible crescent to its fullness.

Then at the point, the moon turns 100% illuminated and as the sun sets in the west, the moon will be very near the eastern horizon you'll know the transition is about to take place.

The very next morning as the sun breaks the horizon in the East, if the transition has taken place, and only if it has taken place, you will see the moon splitting the western horizon.

Your new moon day has arrived.
This transition is something the entire world will witness, all in the same sunrise, all on the same day so there is no confusion as to when a new moon day begins.

That action dear friend only takes place with a full moon. It witnesses to the entire world, bringing the world together all on a single day.

It is all as simple as that and no other phase of the moon commands such discipline.

The two images below depict the perfect “transition” of the moon from the night sky, to the next morning sky.

It is this transfer of light which beacons our Creators New Moon Days.

That sunrise when the moon is on the western horizon, is your New Moon Day.

At sun-SET, you watched the full moon rise
in the east, as the sun sets in the west.

Next morning as the sun-RISEs in the east,
you watch the moon at the western horizon.

Are there "signs" in the heavens leading to His Sabbaths?
Yes, without question.

This presentation will help explain the motion and the phases.

Do not be surprised when you hear the SDA pastors referencing
the new moon day and Sabbaths according to the luminaries in the heavens.
As well as vice a versa