In Paleo Hebrew it reads: Psalm 23:1,2

“YAHUAH tends me as a shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.
In a place of green grass, there he has made me dwell: he has nourished me by the water of rest.”

A presence of Paleo Hebrew text over earths face, reveals journeys far beyond their origins.
Encampments belonging to those who once laid foot where we now call home.
It reveals who slaughtered these people, picking up, where King Herod left off.

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This is one of those controversial topics we will be discussing
in greater detail in both text and upcoming videos.

In addition to the cosmology of this earth we call home being discussed,
we will also be discussing the historical earth of a biological matter, versus what most call geology.
We will discuss several topics in general on this specific page.
Greater detail of each topic will follow in the upcoming months.

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An Introduction as to Why
Concerning the altering of our DNA
MAGA, Right?? Never trust in man!
The evil thoughts of man
On a lighter note
With so many versions
Our home in Ecuador
Nicolaus Copernicus, have you heard of him?
What is the purpose for all the ruthless killing?
Let's talk about aluminum planes ripping through solid steel
Bill Lear, founder of Learjet Corporation 1962


An Introduction as to Why

Folks coming to this site and expecting to research the topic of the lunar-solar Sabbaths may be wondering why we are presenting pages that pertain to a cosmology other than the heliocentric model.

The answer to this is very simple

Since the beginning of time of this created earth, there has been a force/force(s) to destroy the knowledge of our Creator. Centuries ago, the thoughts and behavior of evil men were determined to influence the less fortunate into their way of thinking. The same tactics apply today by those who call themselves “leaders and scientists”.

If there is one thing you need to know and understand, is that everything you have ever been taught in schools and universities has always been controlled by the government and the few elite who control all aspects of life, with what they perceive to be good for all.

Since the fall of creation, events have been recorded throughout Scripture and history books, as well as by those who desire to write history from the perspective of those who have fought wars, and especially those with a burning desire to influence and control the thoughts and actions of others. Regardless of what we read today, whether it is in history books, magazines, Internet, it is without question, the resulting text is the product of the victors and those who desire to leave their name as legacy.

On this site, in addition to talking of heliocentric model fallacies, we will also be discussing the fact that there were giants in the land that once dwelt on this earth.

When we speak of giants, we are not referring to the little boys of a 9 or 12-foot stature. We will be discussing the big ones/giants in reference to the text where it states:

“And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33

Too many too often tiptoe around or completely avoid the topics of Scripture that they may believe to be controversial. We are not concerned about controversial topics, we are concerned only of one thing and that is to expose the truths of the history of this earth, the glory of this non-rotating earth we exist on in opposition to the lying tongues of the educational mind controlling dictators.

Giants in the land?
We will discuss in detail the “biology” of this earth
Vs. the “geology”.

This is another way science attempts to remove a Creator from man's minds. One can be sure the Smithsonian Institute has been a big part of the cover up, hiding the evidence of these to discredit the flood story. If one were to take a moment to think about it, prior to the flood, Giants. Following the flood, those that were, were no more. So who buried all of them?

NO ONE buried them!
Please research the facts of these enormous beings who once roamed this earth.
The evidence of their existence, and remains scattered over this earth is overwhelming.

They remain on the ground, many to be preserved or petrified by the natural process of nature. This begs the question, “Where are they all?” The answer is, they are scattered all over this entire earth! The proof is there, the bodies, and parts of the bodies are laying all over the earth. The fingers, lungs, hearts and so many other parts of the bodies lay above and below the ground. One only needs to look to see them. Those who refused to acknowledge the fact that these giants did live, one could stand before them, and they would yet deny it.

IF, this is the case, why are most not researching, talking about the subject?
Are you afraid of being scorned by the naysayers?

Be sure to understand, our task is not to promote or glorify Giants.
Our task is to demonstrate the fact that giants existed, we believe possibly due to a DNA alteration which in turn was a reason for the flood, which in turn supports Scripture, which in turn demonstrates/proves the existence of a Creator, which in turn debunks the theory of evolution, and the Big Bang theory.

Our task this day is to restore the true glory of our Heavenly Father
who has in His splendid way, created all things

As mentioned earlier, this site, these pages are simply touching on topics
that we will be going into much greater detail in the near future.

Please read this area prayerfully and carefully

Concerning the altering DNA,

we believe an alteration took place prior to the flood, causing these massive giants to come upon this earth. We believe also the exact same scenario is taking place today when forced DNA altering vaccines will be implemented.

We understand it this way.
The world was destroyed by flood just as Scripture describes, due to the DNA of man being altered, creating the hybrids that had come upon this earth, hence the flood to destroy that strain of DNA. It took the destruction/cleansing of this earth to achieve this.

Now today, in man's year of 2020, we believe that which is about to embark upon this earth is more devastating than most are capable of comprehending.

These - who are once again attempting through cloning, DNA altering, abortions and the genocide of man, desire to create a new hybrid of their own design who they believe, will reign this world.

The foreknowledge of our heavenly father, knowing once again a DNA altering gene would come upon this earth in such a horrific manner, the only way this DNA altering vaccine which world leaders has described as having nano-bots is so devastating a flood would not banish it. Thus, the only method to rescind this madness, is by fire!

John 8:44 ESV

Lucifer wants your DNA altered in an attempt to control your soul.
The end result of Monsanto genetically modifying a tomato, Monsanto OWN that.
So also, these satanic pedophiles want to alter your DNA to OWN your soul!
We believe the great flood was to eradicate the altered DNA from this earth.
Next time, will the earth be destroyed by fire, due to DNA altering?

Our Father has His ways
Protect His people
Exodus 6:6-8
The Adversary has his ways
Destroy all things created
Isaiah 14:12-15
  1. I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians

  2. I will take you to Me for a people

  3. I will be to you a Father

  4. I will bring you in unto the land

  5. I will give it to you for a heritage

  1. I will ascend to heaven

  2. I will raise my throne above the stars of God

  3. I will sit on the mount of assembly on the heights of Zaphon

  4. I will ascend to the tops of the clouds

  5. I will make myself like the Most High.

The loud cry resonates through the sold out stadiums during the Trump rallies . . .

Never, place your trust in ANY man on this earth!!

MAGA = Make America Great Again, Right??

Hmmmmmm, We will be looking at exactly who this man really is.
Is he the “Trump, Card”?

How his kind work, is they like to play “word” games.

We will be going into this much further in the near future, but here is a quick peek.

MAGA = Make America Great Again, Right??

What about . . .

AGAM = Make America Great Again ??

Simply MAGA backwards, or something more sinister?

After leaving these pages, do a goggle search on AGAM in Scriptures.

Yes, he IS going to drain a swamp, but it will not be filled with his buddies. It looks dear friends his actions and current choices with the Supreme court ruling on “FORCED Vaccines” upon the ENTIRE population with the help of the US Military, Trump is hand in hand with the Georgia Guidestones agenda, like it or not.

He has defunded the WHO with his left hand, Great! Yet his right hand has just assisted in funding even a more sinister organization, with not millions, but BILLIONS owned by Bill Gates, Gavi.

“As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Admin Commits Billions To Gates-Founded Vaccine Alliance”.

Like 2 peas in a pod. It appears to be quite clear at this point, Trumps is the final “Trump Card” and his intent is to assist Bill Gates drain the human population swamp under the guise of a fake virus he has stated he himself will not even take the/a vaccine for.

You have heard Bill Gates insist the world's population needs to be thinned out. These days, Trump looks to be Bill's right hand man !!!

Yea, He is going to drain the/A swamp alright, and every one of us is a part of his swamp muddy water!!

Just thought you might want to know . . .

Never, place your trust in ANY man on this earth!!

The evil thoughts of man were as corrupt then, as they are today.

King Michael was of a quiet community residing in the far outskirts of the land had been abundantly providing for his people for centuries in a very kind and mild manner.

The rowdy king James of the East heard of his pleasant ways and decided to take his soldiers to the region of the kind King, pilfer his land, kill the children, destroy the crops the community of the kind King had planted and were awaiting harvest.

King James approaches King Michael presenting himself as the helper of people, the builder of kingdoms until one day King James approached King Michael and told him he was of a higher power and that King Michael could in 4 days expect a darkening of the heavens when the sun would disappear and a period of darkness would come upon the land.

King Michael was surprisingly impressed by the prediction of King James and told him, if you are that great a king and darkness comes upon the land in 4 days you are a much higher God than I and all that I possess will be yours to have.

The story is now told 400 years later by the scribe of King James that Michael was a ruthless King and sent his army against King James destroying half of his kingdom in a single day. The scribe goes on to tell the story that King James had no other choice but to approach the kingdom of King Michael and destroy all of the people who had entered his kingdom illegally, pilfering all their belongings, killing their cattle and raping their children. King James had no other choice except to enter the kingdom of King Michael and destroy all things.

Might this sound a little like our current day media?
The one thing we must remember is this. Most everything we read today was written by those who have destroyed the kindness of this earth pilfering the bounties it provides, and of course made those who were innocent look like the fools and corrupt individuals that need to be destroyed, reducing earth's population to 500,000,000, that is from its current 6,89 billion.

If you believe you are a part of the 5,000,000, I can pretty much assure you, you are not.

On a lighter note

The author of this website has been seeking truths for decades. At the young age of just over seven years old after attending church with family arrived home later that Sunday morning, asks his father; “When closing church service, why do we recite the apostles Creed? We do not believe in the Catholic church!” The creed of course states we believe in the holy Catholic Church. This raised questions and David's mind as he felt this was the incorrect system of belief, as well as contradicting Scripture.

Early 2014, everything he and his wife had was given away including their travel trailer and automobiles, to reside in, and work with the people of Ecuador. Sense then, they have built a small home there and continue to work with the locals on exactly this topic of lunar-solar calendar along with multiple other duties over the past years.

It is the desire of David and his wife to gather willing souls for lunar and solar observations from around the face of this earth, working with others to piece together the puzzle of this great plain we live on.

Jesus Christ? Who is this man?

All throughout the text of the New Testament. Are these 2 specific words blended through out the multiple versions there for a specific reason? Can it be said the obvious incorrect nomenclature was placed there for a reason by the original authors? Or, perhaps later by the lying pens of the Scribes/translators? Along with the hundreds of incidence's declaring the name of, Amun-Ra?

Please think prior to voicing your answer. Just as Christmas, and Easter, can you be sure this Egyptian deity was not placed at the end of your prayer for a specific reason? Possibly in order to keep you from acknowledging the true Creator at the end of each of your prayers?

Just Who/What might have we been taught to pray to? And you think not deliberately?

If you continue to believe the word Amen is simply the closing of a prayer and was not placed in the text for a very specific reason, it is of our opinion you have been successfully indoctrinated.

‘History is written by the victors’. This quote may be attributed to Winston Churchill, but the method began at the killing of Able by his brother Cain.

With so many versions making different statements . . .

There can be no question with the multiple translations of Scripture, the text has been tampered with and or altered in more ways than we can possibly imagine. The original Hebrew text would be wonderful to have. I once heard a man say that copies, and copies of copies are better than the original because you have the copies to compare the copies to. I will not give you the 2 cents of what I think of that statement.

The reason the world is being “presented” with the specific “books of Scripture” it is, is because this is what it is your directive is to believe . . . Like it or not, all text are NOT equal. Many are misleading, and some out right lying. In another 30 years with the information being controlled as it is in 2020 through Goggle, Garbagebook and the like, with the gender specific language of the gender bible where “god is a female,” you don't think this could become the norm very soon ?!?!? Goggle has placed them self's in all lower grade schools for a reason. It is not to assist your child with their math problems. They are there to MOLD YOUR CHILD MIND in such a fashion they desire the future to hold. You can be sure it is not in most parent's best interest. You can be sure it will not include a Creator of the heavens and earth.

The apocrypha is a selection of books published in the original 1611 King James Bible. These apocryphal books were positioned between the Old and New Testament. The apocrypha was a part of the KJV for 274 years until being removed in 1885 A.D.

Many claim the apocrypha should never have been included in the first place, raising doubt about its validity and believing it was not God-inspired, for instance, a reference about magic seems inconsistent with the rest of the Bible: Tobit chapter 6, verses 5-8. Yet, Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls dating back to before 70 A.D. contained parts of the apocrypha books in Hebrew, including Sirach and Tobit.

Others believe it is valid and that it should never have been removed, that it was considered part of the Bible for nearly 2,000 years before it was recently removed a little more than 100 years ago.

The books of the Apocrypha remain in the Ethiopian Scriptures yet to this day.

I tell you that to tell you this. We believe there are many books of the Apocrypha that should have been included in Scripture. (Remember who canonized what) We believe the book of Enoch, specifically the Ethiopian text should be acknowledged as the motions of the heavens are described in great detail within its pages.

The books of old are of greater value than all the modern versions of today combined.

One quick example. The book of Enoch speaks of the moon and the sun exiting gates in the East, covering the earth, then returning to gates in the West.

We are not saying the books of the Apocrypha have not been altered, in fact we can demonstrate where they have been. This statement also includes the writings of the KJV.

How many times have we heard the phrase, “The infallible word of God,” “Scriptures are infallible and without error,” and because someone who calls himself a professor says, “copies of copies of copies of copies are better than the original,” someone might need to read the paragraphs above a couple of more times.

I will repeat this again here and now, the word Amen, Jesus Christ, and multiple other words embedded in Scripture, we do not believe for a moment they were put there by accident, or the translators just did not have the correct wording to use at the time.

What we do believe and can see for a fact is that there is an all-out war to remove the original creator of all things, only to be replaced by words which express glory and honor to god's we should not even be uttering from our lips.

When we built our home in Ecuador, we built the walls with fired brick, set a steel frame gable roof over the brick and laid a 10mm translucent Polycarbonate over the top of the painted steel. Roze said she wanted lots of windows and light. We have a lot of light and the cool river breeze is of the abundance.

It just so happens the way the land was situated and where we decided to put the house, all North South walls are exactly magnetic North to within 1°. When we lay in our bed at night, we watch the moon most every night as the first visible crescent steps further and further eastwardly each night as it traverses across the sky in its western course.

At the first sighting of the first visible crescent, the moon is first visible in the North West, and then as it grows each night it steps across the sky as the illumination increases. We watch this progression of the moon moving from the North West to the East South East just prior to it becoming the full new moon most every month.

The same thing happens just after the moon has turned full. Near sunset, the full moon will rise from the east southeast, then during its waning phase as it moves once again towards the dark moon each night it steps further and further to the north-northwest sky as its illumination decreases just as the book of Enoch describes it.

There it is, just as the book of Enoch describes.

We are approximately 4° south of the equator. The first visible crescent begins its journey approximately 60° north of our location. During the course of a lunar month, it will have traveled approximately 15° to the south of our location becoming a full moon, with a complete oscillation of approximately 75° from where the first visible crescent was first sighted in the northern sky, to becoming a full moon in the southern sky.

I'm not even about to play with the calculations but can you imagine the distance the moon must traverse from north to south in a heliocentric model during the changing of its phases over the course of a single lunar month? Now if you remember right it is NASA who tells you that there is a 5° inclination that the moon is in orbit around the earth given a heliocentric model, and this is what causes the eclipses.


Again, we are approximately 4° south of the equator, and if there is a 5° swing such as NASA claims, even if you account for their 23.5° tilted earth in the heliocentric model, our visual observation of 75° swing verses there 5° inclination makes no sense. These end measurements are out of door, line of sight

Every lunar month we are able to observe this through the roof of our home, as the stars, and lightning bugs flutter above, we make this observation regardless of the time of year.

Please enjoy this site with an understanding that each of you are of true/loving significance in the eyes of our Creator. No one came from a primordial pool, as scientist would have you believe.

This last thought portrays the agenda of the few of this world

At the age of 5 David moved to Corona California where his older sister was in a public school and they told her she had evolved from a monkey. The year was 1956, his sister was 3 years ahead of him when his mother marched down to the school with his sister giving the teacher a piece of her mind telling him to never ever tell her daughter again that she came from a monkey.

That was 1956. Just as the massive wheel of a steamroller, slowly moves across the freshly laid tar, crushing everything into submission, so also does the government and the elite to force into the minds of every child born, filling their heads with the garbage of the Big Bang theory and the fairy book story of evolution. There is only one reason for this agenda, which is to push upon every soul that leaves its mother's womb, which is to release a tsunami of misinformation/lies to remove our Creator from the minds of man.

Nicolaus Copernicus, have you heard of him?

It is known and understood the Roman church eventually came to embrace the concept of the sun being at the center of the universe. Is this truth?

It is also understood/believed Nicolaus Copernicus to be in/of the Roman Catholic Church. Many believe the heliocentric theory was immediately rejected by the Catholic Church.

However, the relationship between the Church and Copernicus is believed to be much more complex than popular historical narratives suggest. Is it possible the Roman Church was not yet prepared to present the theory of Copernicus? It is without question, the two were hand-in-hand, and quite evident today the Roman Catholic Church has the S-U-N, at the center of its worship services.

Research shows he was closely attached to the Roman Church.

It appears Copernicus was slightly ahead of his time and the Roman Catholic Church was not yet prepared to present such a wild theory to the masses. It is evident the people of that time were never taught of a heliocentric model. Quite the contrary, as most learned of a flat earth from Scriptures, the church knew they believed the earth was the center of all things, so the church needed to approach placing their god of/as the s-u-n in the center of our Creators universe, cautiously.

Hmmm, another case of the victors writing the history books? A more fact-finding question may be, why is the Roman Catholic Church hiding so much history in the bowels of the church?

If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding what they have?

Ask yourself these questions.
  • Why was it, all Bibles were chained to the pulpits after the 800 AD foot hold of the Roman church, later to be locked away from the common folk?

  • Exactly which books were burned during the dark ages of mid 400 - 1440s AD?

  • Why was knowledge being suppressed prior to that period, then immediately following, it was only the Roman church who is capable of interpreting Scripture?
One thing I believe we can say for sure is in the midst of the dark ages, app 800 AD, all information the public received was controlled by the few who insisted you perceive the world in a way that best served the victors rising from the ashes. . . The Roman Church!

EVERY THING, time, measures, doctrines, and gods including Mary are, and have been dictated by the Roman Church. We will be covering many concepts of the church in great detail in the near future.

Might we say the Gutenberg presses of that day is similar to the wakening of today?

Research Everything!! Never take our word, or the word of others. I will say it again. If someone tells you “they have the answers,” turn from them quickly. NO ONE, has all the answers unless they have had total access to all text, especially the Hebrew of ancient days. I guarantee you, no one does.

What is the purpose for all the ruthless killing?

It has been declared by multiple nation leaders that there is one specific country on the face of this earth who is without question the most violent, ruthless of all other countries combined. Even after closing hundreds of military bases, over 800 remain open in what is called strategic locations. The first to have nuclear weapons instantly killing millions of civilians in the blink of an eye was not enough, a 2nd city was annihilated as well. Yes, I know and understand. I hear the thousands of voices shouting out in favor of the murders in order to justify the cause for ending a war, that of course neither aggressor had nothing to do to aggravate the other.

!! TRILLIONS of dollars are spent on war machines !!
While countless MILLION STARVE daily

While the filth from the bottom of the barrel continues to be selected,
and the people stand by and do nothing,
they WILL, continue to dictate what enters your child's mind

A few thoughts and we must move on.

IF, a flat earth were not true, or if it were not viable, why would such prominent media sources such as the National Geographic, The History Channel, Washington Post, Smithsonian Institute, and others spend so much time attempting to refute it? One only needs to look at the intent/agenda of those who speak against it.

We need to understand the agenda of the governments and those who control the governments of the world. Looking at all the chaos in the world today with the lack of leadership and the belief systems of these so-called leaders. Bush boy Junior is a good example of who is selected and runs America. Along with weather/global warming clowns such as Al Gore and the like who laid in a coffin doing vile things to get indoctrinated into the ‘Skull and Bones’, such as the vile pigs they are.

Folks, these are the ones in charge of our country, making decisions as to when planes fly into buildings, telling us we need to go to war with Iraq when Colin Powell displayed a vial of toilet water justifying the need for war, only for the reason of pilfering the natural resources from another country. Years later he admitted he had lied about the weapons of mass destruction. No matter though, about the thousands of lives lost during that war, he's one of the boys who simply made a mistake and will walk away scott free.

Lucifer's desires are being implemented through the vile men of this world.

Fall of Lucifer Isaiah 14:12 The book of Isaiah reveals a fallen Lucifer, revealing his true desire while he made these demand of his Creator.

"All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." Matthew 4:9

It appears as though today the leaders of this world have fallen for the ways of this evil one. With the wicked ways of the child pedophilia, the governments of this world in unison have grasped onto the false promise, “all these things will I give to thee”, in an attempt to force all of mankind into compliance dictating that no man shall buy or sell unless they comply with the mandates, just as Lucifer demanded so long ago.

Yes, it was Lucifer who while demanding worship said in Isaiah 14:13-14,
  • I will ascend into heaven
  • I will exalt my throne above the stars of Yahuah
  • I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north
  • I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
  • I will be like the most High.

Just look at the so called “leaders” of this world today,
they are playing into his hands just as Isaiah 14:13-14 prophesied.

These ladies and gentlemen are the ones pushing their agenda on your children as they worship and follow the directions of their leader, the one we call Satan. These ladies and gentlemen are the ones taking your rights away as a created citizen of this earth after they create the illusion of slamming “aluminum” planes into steel towers demanding you follow them, and to be sure you do not interfere with them, indoctrinating your children, into the pathetic ways they believe.

Ah, Yes.
The twin towers

Lets talk about aluminum planes ripping through solid steel . .

The skin, that is the outer visible surface of most commercial airlines, depending on the surface area of the airline ranges between .040-.080" thick. The reference to this would be a dime that is approximately 50 thousandths of an inch thick.

A bird for example is one of the lightest creatures on earth comprised of feathers, very light bones and a body mass which is considerably smaller than most people see because the feathers contribute to the majority of the visible mass. The damage a bird can do to an aircraft is incredible. The nose of most commercial aircraft's are of a fiber composite to maximize radar capability situated in the nose. The balance of commercial airlines are comprised of an aluminum, aluminum alloy between the thickness of a dime, to the thickness of a nickel.

2001, October 11, the masses of the world was told two tin cans flew into, and penetrated two massive steel structure with solid steel girders and I-beams consisting of up to 4" thick while the current president was notified with barely a reaction, sat and listened to children's stories.

An opportunity was seized, (actually created,) the event unfolded, the world was changed forever based on not a whim, but a massive plotted, calculated, lie governments of the world fabricated in order to further imprison the minds of every man woman and children on the face of this earth.

Create an invisible bogeyman, instill fear into the masses, and of course devise a solution to prevent the invisible bogeyman from doing what they elected has set out to destroy.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth -

is an American non-profit organization promoting the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center was destroyed in a controlled demolition.

Members: 3,244 architects & engineers; 26,612 members of the public; (as of March 1, 2020)

Birds take down planes - Planes do NOT take down towers.
Does it really matter what we think? Just as the example of the steamroller rolling over the fresh tar into submission, so also will the governments of the world continue to crush the common people into submission, mainly because they have already submitted to a pot of boiling water further than they know.

The “9/11 Commission Report” proves the above statement to be true as the report WILL stand, WHY? Because the government has become the higher authority over the people when it should be the other way around!!

Below is a segment of story when a plane flew into the Empire State building.

1945, 28-July, an aircraft accident when an B-25 Mitchell bomber crashed into the
Empire State Building while piloted in thick fog over New York City.

The accident did not compromise the building's structural integrity”,
but it did cause fourteen deaths (three crewmen and eleven people in the building).

Please notice the military planes lack of penetration into the concrete building.

Note the debris on the exterior of the building
compared to the image below
The above is an obvious accident, below is not.

This building still stands yet to this day
compared to the image below
The above is an obvious accident, below is not.

A complete aircraft as if sucked into the building
the 4 inch steel, no chance against the soft aluminum

Possibly a good Samaritan looking to assist,
the aftermath was devastating
We do not believe for one minute a single airplane ever approached or made contact with either buildings.
There is no question this was a planned false flag with the outcome designed to further tighten the grip of
the government in controlling the masses.

Folks, here we have 2 separate scenarios.
  1. A World War II B-25 bomber slamming into a concrete structure,
    • engines falling to the ground,
    • abundance of evidence of wreckage,
    • and a very small hole in relationship to the dimensions of the plane that barely penetrated the building.
  1. Secondly we have 2 large commercial aircraft,
    • no debris falling to the ground except a suspects passport, no wreckage,
    • claimed by the CIA to have all been burned,
    • both aircraft's achieve (so they say) 100% penetration through 4" of structural steel.

Bill Lear, founder of Learjet Corporation 1962.
His son, John Lear has logged over 19,000 hours flight time in multiple type aircraft makes this statement.

“No Planes Were Hijacked on 9/11 and None Hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon”

“physically impossible.”

Two commercial aircraft that supposedly crashed into 2 towers in New York City
were not scheduled to fly that day. No flight records exist for the date 11, September.

In addition, the FAA mandates investigations into all insistencies pertaining to any commercial flight.
Yet all major news outlets reported four crashes took place that day,
and not a single investigative team was dispatched to investigate any of the four crash sites,
nor were crash incident reports ever filed with the FAA.

If an incident report had been recorded with the FAA for any of the 4 claimed incidence's that day,
they would have been dismissed, and rightly so as false reports.

No crashed aircraft, no FAA reports, / No FAA reports, no crashed planes.





We need to completely understand, the same ones making the decisions to cause this kind of havoc,
are the same ones making the decisions for the future of this country/world.
Our children's future depends on the decisions we make today.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge