Demonstrating our Creators Bible Sabbaths

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Paul  Joseph  Goebbels 

 Adolf Hitler's
 Propaganda  Minister

 "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. . . It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress opposition, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

 We each need to come to the realization that from the age of kindergarten, to the point to each of our own current age, the indoctrination has been continuous and ruthless, molding each precious and vulnerable mind with exactly what the globalist would have us believe, in order for themselves, to achieve the self-centered plans of the very few who are in control of this world.

You can be sure the greatest propaganda campaign has been to remove a Creator of the heavens and earth, and every conceivable concept of creation, from the minds of man.

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Heavenly "Signs"
Name of Yahuah
Study on Isaia h 66:22,23
His Dwelling place

His Firmament and
the Art of Deception

Continuous Weekly Cycle,
Or 3 Types of Days.

Seventh-Day Adventist,
Hiding His Sabbaths

SDA Part 2
Hiding His Sabbaths

Why The Moon Was
Created on the 4th Day.

Is the Moon a Mishap?
Doug Batchelor
Seventh Day Sabbaths

7 Days, (cycles)
Equal One Sabbath

SDA Pastor John Carters
Fake Bishop

Phases of The Moon,
Gives Man His Sabbaths

William Miller Followed
The Lunar Calendar

Saturday not in The Bible,

"In The Beginning,"
Time Was Created

SDA's Solemnity Quote
Is Invalid

Time, What Is It
SDA and the Illuminate
A Relationship in Plain Sight

An Outstretched Arm To
The SDA Parishioner

SDA Auburn Church Invites
Roman Catholic Priest For Worship

Seventh-Day Adventist
Two Calendars in Conflict

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SDA pastors John Stanton, David Asscherick, & Doug Batchelor insist to their parishioners the "Signs" for a 7th day Sabbaths are not in the heavens.

This presentation demonstrates without question the "Signs" are in the heavens that point to our Creators 7th day Sabbaths.
Are There Heavenly "Signs" Declaring A Week ?

How things have changed from the originally created plan.

This world has so wandered away from the ways of our Creator . . .
Proclaiming the Name of Yahuah.

A short 7-minute study on Isaiah 66:22-23.
A short study on Isaiah 66:22-23

For centuries man and science has been attempting to remove the Creator of this world and replace it with the "Big Bang" theory . . .

This video presentation encourages each of us to take another look at the Scriptural cosmology of this earth and what it has to say about this so important topic.
Firmament, His Dwelling place

Atheist scientist would have you believe there is no Creator. They Would have you believe you came from a primeval pool.

You dear friend,
are NOT an accident
as scientist would have you believe.
His Firmament and the Art of Deception

The "Continuous Weekly Cycle",
of 7 days, is not found in Scripture.

This is a product of modern Roman calendars. It also provided a counterfeit 7th day Sabbath . .

If this 7th day is a product of Rome, it cannot be a 7th day of creation.
Continuous Weekly Cycle, Or 3 Types of Days.

This video reveals new footage likely not viewed by most.

John Lomacang/Doug Batchelor,
both SDA Pastors, reveal their knowledge of a 3rd type of day.

It also demonstrates how from its conception, the Seventh-Day Adventist church has been intentionally hiding the truths of the lunar-solar of Scripture Sabbaths from their parishioners.
SDA, Please Understand
the Implications.
Seventh-Day Adventist, Hiding His Sabbaths

Their "leaders" have demonstrated repeatedly they desire to cling to the Gregorian calendar of Pope Gregory.

There General Conference meeting that addressed this topic clearly reveals the true intent behind hiding the calendar of creation.
SDA Hiding Biblical Sabbaths ~ Part 2

Many, who hold an interest in maintaining a seventh day Sabbath according to Scripture, have understood why the moon was created on the 4th day of creation.

Yet, Seventh-Day Adventist and others maintain a Saturday 7th day according to the Roman calendar of Pope Gregory; will insist the moon cannot be used for purposes of calendation because the moon was not created until the 4th day.
Why Was The Moon Created on The 4th Day?

Some claim the moon is a result from a meteor strike to this earth. We will allow Scripture to reveal its origins . . .

"Time," was placed
in the heavens at creation..

Genesis 1:14

Isaiah 66:22-23
Is the Moon a Mishap?

Can Doug Batchelor make his case for a Seventh day Sabbath?

Their leaders are deceiving the good people of the Seventh-Day Adventist church as they insist on following the Roman pagan schedules of a continuous weekly cycle.
Doug Batchelor ~ Seventh Day Sabbaths

Over the past centuries,
man has attempted to remove the original created calendar of the heavens from the minds of man.

SDA, along with other "Saturday Sabbath Keepers" have fallen prey to the pagan Roman day of Saturday-Saturnalia.
7 Days, (cycles) Equal One Sabbath

Too often, SDA video editors and others have taken videos of an actor playing the part of a Bishop, reciting quotes from/as a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church to justify their 7th day of the Roman calendar as the 7th day of Scripture.

When a lie needs to be broadcasted, it needs to be done as many ways as possible.
Here is a video that demonstrates the bigger the lie, the more often it's told, the more you are able to get folks to believe it.
SDA Pastor John Carters Fake Bishop

From the time this world was created, man has been attempting to control the matters of what our Creator has put into place.

Time, as we know it today, the following of the Gregorian calendar is by no means the original intent of what our Creator put in place at creation.
Phases of The Moon, Gives Man His Sabbaths

In order to obtain his date of 1844, and his 2300-year prophecy, William Miller utilized
The "Jewish Lunar Calendar"

These are the true "Lunar" roots of the SDA church.

Yes, they categorically know. The day of Saturnalia is simply easier to blend in with the rest of the world and comfortably convenient.

Read article here.
William Miller Followed The "Lunar Calendar"

In Scripture, NEVER is a Sabbath called "Saturday," but only a numbered day of the month. Yes, there is a reason for that, just as a "New Moon" day IS often mentioned in Scripture.

NO Saturday mentioned =
Saturday IS a counterfeit.
New Moon day IS mentioned =
His true calendar
Saturday not in The Bible, Why?

Pope Gregory was not around at the creation account.

The true 7th day Sabbath of Exodus 20 can only be found by the luminaries of the heavens.

The Scriptural Sabbath cannot be found on a Gregorian calendar of Rome.

All Sabbaths fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and the 29th of a lunar month.
"In The Beginning," Time Was Created

The SDA church utilizes many Roman quotes in vain to validate their Saturday pagan 7th day Sabbath of Rome, yet they insist this pagan 7th day is the same seventh day of creation and Exodus 20:8.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This video will demonstrate just how they use Rome in an attempt justify their Roman 7th day Sabbath.
SDA's Solemnity Quote Is Invalid

Time has been changed in a very specific and deliberate way to take worship FROM our Creator.

It is only when we are in sync with the rhythms of time as originally created, that we are able to understand the true and original meaning of His seventh day Sabbaths of Exodus 20:8.
Time, What Is It

This video is a plea to all Seventh-Day Adventist parishioners to please consider

1) What their church leaders are hiding from them concerning our Creators true seventh day Sabbaths.

2) To please research the true Sabbath of creation, opposed to that of the seventh day of the Roman Empire.

Illuminate, dwells within . . .
SDA and the Illuminate - A Relationship in Plain Sight

Unfortunately the parishioners are the one who suffer at the lies of the leaders.

Sadly, they are withholding this vital information.

Express your concerns to the SDA church leaders. Acts 5:29

It is better to leave a bad organization, and dwell alone with the Truth.
An Outstretched Arm To The Seventh-Day Adventist Parishioner

Why would a Seventh-Day Adventist church invite a Roman Catholic priest into their worship?

This is of the very beast power
they warn against!!

This church has adopted Rome's pagan day of "Saturday" for worship.

How long before they submit to bowing to Mary? Their church leaders already encourage them to bow to Allah
SDA Auburn Church Invites Roman Catholic Priest For Worship

This video demonstrates the Seventh-Day leaders have a leg on each side of the calendar fence.

Rendering each day, "evening to evening" by the "Lights in the luminaries."

Secondly, maintaining a pagan calendar for their seventh day Sabbaths.
Seventh-Day Adventist - Two Calendars in Conflict