Reflections of His work.

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When Are His Sabbaths?
The clock below is for training only, not to be relied upon to find Full Moons.

Determine the point in time the moon has turned 100% full, the clock will assist you.
Then we follow the rules in the image to the right of the count down clock.

Current phase of the moon

This countdown is based on GMT You should be outside two days prior to this countdown clock reaching zero, a few days after it reaches zero so you can observe the luminaries in the heavens to help identify how, and when, a full Moon occurs....

Sunrise Rule
for determining your Sabbaths.

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Otherwise, simply enjoy the beauty of a Lake Tahoe sunset.
     "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Paul Joseph Goebbels ~ Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister

The worlds greatest propaganda campaign has been to remove a Creator from the minds of man.
You can know, over time, all assets mentioned above have been utilized to empty mans minds of the truth.

We are working to counter these long standing lies.

Why this site does not maintain a monthly calendar.
How visible is the moon during daylight hours?
Are there "signs" in the heavens?

Something is wrong with one of these images. Do you see the problem?
If you do not, you need to get outside more often and enjoy the moon.
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Why this site does not maintain a monthly calendar

We encourage each individual to get out of doors and gaze into the heavens.

Those websites who supply calendar information for a year or more in advance, depend on the Babylonians sources such as NASA for attaining this information so far in advance. No where in Scripture are we ever told, or encouraged to do this. This was never the intent of the Father who created the heavens. Likewise, every time a website develops these so-called lunar months in the form of a calendar, they are associated with the Roman pagan named gods we are told to have nothing to do with. As one becomes dependent upon the calendars stretched out for an entire year, they create a dependency on these convenient calendars. One is looking at a paper printed out and hanging on the refrigerator door as opposed to getting outside with your family and studying the heavens to understand His Sabbaths. Sounds like the Gregorian calendar, does it not? Pope Gregory has achieved his goal. He now is keeping the entire world from looking into the heavens for the witnesses our Creator has provided. Isaiah 40:21-31,

You should never depend upon the countdown clock above as it is for training only.

We strongly encourage each of you to be outside noting the heavens one or two days prior to the moon turning full, and one or two days after it has turned full. That is the purpose for the countdown clock, so you have an estimated time for when you should be outside.

Just how visible is the daytime moon?
Lets take a look.

Immediately after turning full, the moon will make its appearance on the Western horizon at sunrise. It will continue to decrease in size each day throughout its waning phase, bringing us to his first Sabbath when it appears at sunrise directly overhead as a half-moon. It will continue traversing across the heavens in broad daylight. Eventually as it decreases daily in size, it will disappearing in the eastern sky at sunrise, then returning to a totally dark state.

Immediately after the FVC reveals itself in the western evening sky, its size will each day become larger and higher, as it moves further East each day remaining visible during its waxing phase.

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The signs in the heavens should be, and are abundant, leading us to each of His Sabbaths during the month. At the time just prior to the FVC, you should have just celebrated your 2nd Sabbath, There is no need to look for it. This is speaking to those who are new to this. To learn more on how to find the New Moon, Click here.

Please, get outside; watch both the waxing and waning phase.
There are a few ways for daytime moon gazing. The easy westerly direction for both waxing, and waning.

Just after the moon has turned full, you will see the waning moon on the western horizon rising higher each day at sunrise. The westward looking waning phase will be on display each morning lighting the way for your early morning walk. Each day at the same time, it will appear higher in the heavens.

The waxing phase begins at the FVC. Again, looking west this time in the evening sky after it has achieved app 5-7% illumination. (Another problem as to how and when it shows itself) Each day at sunset, watch it grow larger. It will move higher and further into the light of day as it grows.

Yes, the signs in the heavens are many and decisive for all to witness. Our Creator had no intent to , shall we say pull the wool over our eyes to search for something in the dark, this makes no sense.

He is the "Father of lights" and desires for all to clearly witness His signs so we all come together at His feet for worship all together, all at the same time.

Many blessings as we each further study His ways.

Are there "signs" in the heavens leading to His Sabbaths?
Yes, without question.

This presentation will help explain the motion and the phases.

Do not be surprised when you hear the SDA pastors referencing
the new moon day and Sabbaths according to the luminaries in the heavens.
As well as vice a versa