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When Are His Sabbaths?
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This countdown is based on GMT Correlate your time zone with the chart below to determine whether new moon takes place before or after your local sunrise. Sunrise Rule for determining your Sabbaths.
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This site does not maintain a monthly calendar. Why? The reason for this arises with the interference of the Gregorian calendar. Satan has made it almost impossible as two of his pagan days overlay a single day of our Creator. This makes a single calendar nonfunctional for all the man made time zones located all around the world.
  • Our Creators days begin at sunrise
  • Satans days begin at midnight
Therefore, to find what Gregorian day your Sabbaths are on, we ask you utilize the simple "Sunrise Rule." Image above right, Click to Magnify
  • If the astronomical full moon takes place prior to your sunrise (during your dark hours), your new moon day will begin at that sunrise.
  • If the astronomical full moon takes place during your daylight hours, your new moon day will begin at that sunrise.

These articles will demonstrate

T he following pages/links have been developed as an aid to help understand when the "New Moon" takes place. This site, through prayerful, diligent study understands the Full Moon to be the New Moon, the beginnings of each Biblical month and year. It is designed for those who desire to do the will of our Heavenly Father, who follow His heavenly calendar as apposed to the man made pagan calendar of Rome. Genesis 1:14

The moon, we believe the "Full Moon," is the "Sign" spoken of in Genesis 1:14 that beacons the beginning of each month. This sign must be visible for the entire world to view without question and without conflict. Many believe the conjunction, or a first visible crescent to be the new moon, with in the ranks of those arena's, there is much confusion as to when those actually take place. With the full moon being the sign to begin each month, all the confusion of when the "Full Moon" takes place is eliminated. Our Creator is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

At creation, our Creator hung His calendar in the heavens. Psalms 19:1 Just as Daniel 7:25 had prophesied, Rome in their attempt to gain worship to themselves, has removed the original calendar of creation from the minds of man. Their calendar, well, their counterfeit is only able to hang on a wall, But only with the aid of a nail.

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In His Earth Made New, Once Again, We Will Follow His Original Creation
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