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When Are His Sabbaths?
The clock below is for training only, not to be relied upon to find Full Moons.

Determine the point in time the moon has turned 100% full, the clock will assist you.
Then we follow the rules in the image to the right of the count down clock.

Current phase of the moon

This countdown is based on GMT You should be outside two days prior to this countdown clock reaching zero, a few days after it reaches zero so you can observe the luminaries in the heavens to help identify how, and when, a full Moon occurs....

Sunrise Rule
for determining your Sabbaths.

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     "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Paul Joseph Goebbels ~ Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister

The worlds greatest propaganda campaign has been to remove a Creator from the minds of man.
You can know, over time, all assets mentioned above have been utilized to empty mans minds of the truth.

We are working to counter these long standing lies.

Why this site does not maintain a monthly calendar.
NEW  Does Scripture Reveal the New Moon Phase? We believe it does.   NEW
Please do not miss over 80% of a lunar month in broad daylight.
What do I watch for in the days leading up to the full moon?
Confused over a three night "Full Moon"?
What will guide me to His 1st Sabbath for that month?
Waxing versus Waning?
Is the First Visible Crescent, Confusing and Unreliable?
Are there "signs" in the heavens?

Something is wrong with one of these images. Do you see the problem?
If you do not, you need to get outside more often and enjoy the moon.
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Why this site does not maintain a monthly calendar

We encourage each individual to get out of doors and gaze into the heavens.

Those websites who supply calendar information for a year or more in advance, depend on the Babylonians sources such as NASA for attaining this information so far in advance. No where in Scripture are we ever told, or encouraged to do this. This was never the intent of the Father who created the heavens. Likewise, every time a website develops these so-called lunar months in the form of a calendar, they are associated with the Roman pagan named gods we are told to have nothing to do with. As one becomes dependent upon the calendars stretched out for an entire year, they create a dependency on these convenient calendars. One is looking at a paper printed out and hanging on the refrigerator door as opposed to getting outside with your family and studying the heavens to understand His Sabbaths. Sounds like the Gregorian calendar, does it not? Pope Gregory has achieved his goal. He now is keeping the entire world from looking into the heavens for the witnesses our Creator has provided. Isaiah 40:21-31,

You should never depend upon the countdown clock above as it is for training only.

We strongly encourage each of you to be outside noting the heavens one or two days prior to the moon turning full, and one or two days after it has turned full. That is the purpose for the countdown clock, so you have an estimated time for when you should be outside.

Does Scripture Reveal the New Moon Phase? We believe it does.

Before we began we would like to thank Ken Alder of for his discovery of this specific material in the early part of 2013. Thank you Ken for sharing this wonderful discovery.

In this segment of this article we will pull together two events from Scripture that clearly reveals the full moon is the new moon. It is our prayer these texts will validate in your mind, as it has ours, how Scripture categorically describes a new moon as a full moon.

Beware of those who would do you harm with the lies.

Those who have not helped are the "Lying pens of the scribes". The more modern "Lying pens" of the translators and translations of Scripture today.

During this read, we need to remember it was the Roman Empire who has severed all ties of the original calendar in the heavens from the calendar forced upon man today. The same one who claim to be the "Vicar of Christ" on this earth today. It is no wonder a natural man struggles today!

In the Context of "Here a little, there a little".

We each understand Scripture many times requires: "Here a little, there a little". . . A few points of Scripture are required to be assembled to demonstrate what we believe to be the true phase our Father spoke of to Moses concerning this important topic relating to the phase of the moon at the time of this first Passover. This specific point in time is important and has bearing for multiple reasons.

Scripture reveals Passover was the evening of the 14th day of the first month. The only thing that needs to be demonstrated is the moon phase on either the 15th day, the day of Passover, or at the beginning of the month. Leviticus 23:4-6

Exodus 12:1-7 describes the scene like this:

There is a very specific reason for the timing our Father spoke to Moses saying, "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." The timing is being made very clear to Moses, this is the beginning of a year. Why at this point?

Moses is instructed to speak to all the congregation of Israel, telling them "in the tenth day of this first month of the year they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for a house." Essentially, they are being prepared for the Exodus that is to come in just a few quick days.

The story goes on like this. If the household were too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbor next unto his house take it according to the number of those in the household, every man according to his eating.

They were instructed to take a lamb without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep or from the goats and hold it in safekeeping until the fourteenth day of the same month.

Here is where the timing becomes important; Moses instructs the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel to kill it on the evening of the 14th of that first month of the year where the Heavenly Father had just spoken to Moses concerning when a year begins.

In Exodus 12:1-2, we have the Heavenly Father telling Moses this; "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." We believe the timing of these instructions were very specific and deliberate as the Israelites were about to be shepherded from Egypt, and the first Passover was about to be instituted. In addition, Moses was instructed to carefully record the timing of the year, the illumination of the moon, and the journey as they departed for future generations to understand.

Putting this together along with one other critical event we will get to in a moment, we will establish from Scripture, specifically Torah, the exact phase of the new moon during this years beginning. Let us examine these two revealing events together and discover why we believe it was the full moon being shown to Moses at the time our heavenly father spoke concerning the beginning of the year.

Let it be noted, It has been said by several scholars, the recorded events of the Exodus by Moses are very detailed. Moses's records are said to be more accurate than others in Scripture. Numbers 33:2-3. Hover over any Scripture verses to read each. Here it is stated; "They departed from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month; on the day after the Passover".

As we continue to read it will be demonstrated from Scripture why the 15th of the month, as they departed Rameses was a dark moon.

Yes, Scripture reveals in this 2nd event the moon was dark and the night was as dark as the smoke of a furnace on the night of the 15th. This would clearly demonstrate the point in time when Yahuah spoke with Moses concerning the beginning of the month/year, Moses was shown a brilliant moon lit night, a "Full Moon" as the beginning of that particular lunar month/year.

Here are a couple dates that show this:

Moses led the Israelites from Egypt prior to first light on the fifteenth day, at the first of the year.

Exodus 12:40-42
Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the LORD exited out from the land of Egypt.

Why would the 15th of the month have been selected for the Exodus? A better question might be, why a pillar of fire was necessary at the time of the exit? Part of that answer might be, with the cloud to guide them during the day and the pillar of fire to guide them during the night, it had to of been an awesome display of our Creator and this would have given the Israelites great faith to follow this awesome display after the extended time in captivity.

Let's bring this all together:

   Allow us to pull Abram into the equation.

Genesis 12:1-3, Now Abraham, you shall become the father of multiple nations and of many descendants, numbers greater than the stars. You will give "the whole land of Canaan" to your descendants

It was the 15th of the first month of the year the covenant between Abraham and Yahuah was made. There were 430 lunar-solar year's, To-The-Day, to the 15th of the first month of the year when Passover occurred. Hmmm, this is interesting.

We need to remember there was no Gregorian, or man-made calendar at that point in time to cause confusion within the lunar month.

On the Gregorian calendar, your birthday is June 3, and it falls on a Wednesday this year. The same June 3 next year, it may land on a Monday, and a Friday the following year.

The disjointed series of days the Gregorian calendar presents is consistent with its design. It has been detached from all observable heavenly luminaries, except the sun, and this for a reason. They implemented it for the systematic worship of their pagan deities. There is NOTHING natural about it. Constantine ended the natural system of calendation from all mankind.

However, when you measure the natural flowing calendar our Creator has placed in the heavens, this displays His glory and brings forth knowledge. Given this, if you were born on the 3rd day of the 2nd lunar month, your birthday would be exactly on the 3rd day of the 2nd lunar month the next year and the 3rd day of the 2nd month every successive year that follows. The lunar-solar calendar is a natural calendar that dictates the heavens as prescribed by our Creator.

You can see how the one is natural by the manner in which it flows, and the other is a complete counterfeit and out of harmony with nature and in need of serious revisions. (ie 1582). Rome literally rips away 10 days from their calendar! Yet the cycle of named days does not skip a beat ?!?!? Go figure! This simply proves the total mess of ownership when one divorces himself from a Creator's calendar to a man-made calendar (Gregorian). So many lives have been lost due to the Gregorian calendar being forced upon the world for over 300 years.

With this concept in mind, let us delve into the story of when Yahuah made a covenant with Abram 430 years prior to Passover exactly to the same day. Remember, this could not take place on a Gregorian calendar, it cannot even get an anniversary of anything on the same day it had originally occurred.

Now, utilizing the lunar-solar calendar 430 years exactly to the same day, the Abram covenant took place. Let us examine the language in Scripture. It tells us that on the exact same day, (prior to the first Passover), Yahuah made a covenant with Abram. What does verse 17 tell us? It tells us when the sun went down on that day it was dark "behold like a smoking furnace." Genesis 15:17-18.

When something takes place on a "selfsame day" on a lunar-solar calendar, you can be guaranteed it was the exact same day 430 years later.
  • If yesterday the sun went down and it was dark similar to a "smoking furnace," it will also apply to the same point in time exactly 1 year later. It will also apply to the same point in time exactly 3 year later, 18 years later, or 182 years later. It matters not.

  • If Scripture tells of the fact 430 years earlier the sun went down and it was dark similar to a "smoking furnace," can we know, it also happened at the same point in time 430 years later on the night of the Passover?

  • In the clearest of terms, it needs to be said that on the 15th of the month when the covenant was made with Abram, it was a dark moon.
Scripture calls the 15th of the month a dark moon, this ultimately results in a new moon being a full moon. For anyone new out there seeking this information let it be known that these facts cannot be refuted. For those that have been at this for quite some time and believe that a FVC, a dark moon, or a horned crescent is the new moon, please demonstrate this from Scripture.

It will be challenged that the 15th of that month was a full moon and the column of fire was just the presence of Yahuah. With the words in Scripture that would be an invalid argument because a lunar solar cycle 430 years later would land you on the exact same day/night.

   Now The 2nd Event

"Even the selfsame day it came to pass" that is to say that on that exact lunar day, the exact same lunar phase of that lunar month, 430 years prior, the heavens were illuminated in the exact manner as it was 430 years earlier. It appears Scripture has given us the answer to solving this. Exodus 12:40-43

Scripture tells us when Yahuah made the covenant with Abram 430 years earlier/prior to the first Passover, the evening/night of that event was an inky night, as the smoke of a furnace. Very dark!

Now 430 years later, first Passover occurred on a lunar-solar calendar. What this means is that from 430 years previous and every subsequent year, including the 1st Passover, the evening of the 15th of the first month displayed the same degree of illumination. Why? Because of the reliability of the consistent lunar phase throughout each of those years at that point in time. This we cannot argue as Scripture confirms this to be true and correct.

We can be sure of two things.
  1. The heavenly units of measure are not arbitrary. Our Creator placed the luminaries in the heavens. His calendar is knowledge, assured, and unfailing.

  2. Rome has made every attempt to destroy all knowledge of what our Creator had originally intended, forcing its law upon man with its own pagan named Sabbaths. This has forced man under the umbrella of their sun god(s). This includes placing their god of Saturnalia as the 7th day on their pagan calendar, portraying it to be of creation. This tricks thousands of good souls into believing this false 7th day (Saturday) is of our Creator.

    Yes, I would sadly say the Roman church has achieved its goals in removing a Creator or from the minds of man. . . But, there is an awakening happening all over our Creator's universe. Many more are daily waking up to the fact that our Creator does exist and leaving the silly theories of evolution to those who desire to stagger in them.

    • Please understand the significance of these verses found in Psalm 19:2-6.

      This is speaking of the heavens and the luminaries thereof, there is not a single place on earth, not a language spoken anywhere in the world that does not have the opportunity to witness the glory, the knowledge and understanding of the heavens being declare to mankind. Our Creator has created and designed mankind with the same glory and significance as He created the heavens that so boldly witness, we wish to again emphasize signs in the heavens that bring us to his new moon days, followed by his first day of worship.

      What an awesome Creator we do serve, in complete opposition to the theory of evolution being crammed down the throats of our vulnerable children on a daily basis.

    • Day after day they pour forth speech.
      These verses are clearly telling us that not only during the night hours, but also day after day during the daylight hours, the luminaries of the heavens, specifically speaking of the moon and the sun, are continually speaking, declaring knowledge and witnessing to those who desire to understand their meaning.

    • There is no speech or language where their voice (luminaries) is not heard.
Moving on.

We know this to be true. Rome has also displaced every feast day of our Creator, replacing each of them with a perverted version of its own. (ie. Easter, X-mas etc)

Yahuah confirmed with Moses when the beginning of His month/year would begin. This was made very clear to Moses by the One who created the heavens/calendar, for a specific reason.
  • Why did Yahuah speak to Moses at this very specific time, verifying the beginning of a year? Exodus 12:1,2.

  • What are your thoughts, where Scripture tells us; "all things shall be revealed?" Isaiah 29:16.

  • What are your thoughts on the state of the evening, exactly 430 years later on the first Passover? Genesis 15:17.

Might Moses have been shown a dark moon to commence the month/year?
If a new moon/month were beaconed by a black/dark conjunction moon, the 15th of the month would have been a full moon. This is the belief of many, but this is not what Scripture reveals. The faith of the Israelites would have increased to see a pillar of cloud during the daylight hours. But you can understand that if the 15th of the month was a full moon, then a column of fire may not have been necessary for visual orientation during the night hours of the departure.

Remember we are told in Genesis, the luminaries in the heavens are to be for signs. All of this beginning of a year stuff set aside; can anyone please explain to us, which signs there are in a dark/invisible moon? To see any signs, they must be visible. In order for the direction of the clouds to be perceived, they must be visible. Okay, that one was just made up. On a more serious note, the moon has a very specific function, as does the sun in the heavens. We are never instructed to do any calculating/calculations at all to determine the exact point of a dark moon in the heavens that might begin our month. It is not there, nor does it belong there. That is the function of the signs. If we had been instructed to calculate anything, what would be the need for visible signs?

A short likeness of a dark moon as a new moon:

It is the middle of my lunar month; I am in New York City. I need to get to the beginning of my next month that resides in Los Angeles, California. You can use your automobile to drive there, but you are not allowed any illumination! You must drive from the 15th of the month to the beginning of your month, from New York City to Los Angeles, in complete darkness. No headlights on your car, no flashlights allowed, you are not even allowed a dashboard light inside your vehicle to read a map. Remember, a "black moon," is totally "dark."

This image depicts the lack of "signs" as one moves from the light of a full moon, into the darkness of man's conjunction new moon, where for them, a new month begins.

Beginning a month on a dark moon? This would make the exodus during a full moon and contrary to what we find in Scripture.
We believe 2 things are incorrect here.
  1. Beginning a new moon on a dark, or the FVC.
  2. That would have the exodus-taking place on a "full moon." We believe this to be incorrect.
Please understand, we are ALL still learning. Scripture is quiet concerning this important topic. Possibly because of the lying pens of the Scribes? Might this result be a reason for the multiple lunar phase camps be from lack of what once may have been written?

We at this site do not believe the Master Builder of the Heavens and this earth, unrivaled in all things, would have created all things, then "inspired" man to leave out so much pertinent information that would cause such division? We think not. Looks like some have been tampering where they should not have been.

Oh yes, Mid month the time of your full moon as you depart New York, you will be able to see the hundreds and hundreds of road signs that point the way the first few days, you know, due to the "illuminated signs" because it is the moon that gives them, "light." These moon lit signs will tell you which exits to take, where the restaurants might be, etc. In real life there would be ample signs the closer you got to your Los Angeles destination/new month but those will be near impossible to use for navigation to bring you to your destination, because you refuse to use the illuminated signs to reach your destination, which you will not see nonetheless. This is exactly what is taking place for those who utilize a black moon to commence the beginning of months. Nowhere are we called to navigate into a grim journey. This makes no sense and is contradictory to what Scripture prescribes.

Please read this very slowly and very carefully. Just as the moon needs to be visible to provide signs for man to follow, so also is the need for the stars in the heavens to be visible for a sign/signs for all mankind to understand their ordained task in the heavens. This visibility is just common sense, and part of what man was given at creation. Scripture never instructed us to calculate anything in the heavens. When specific stars are detected in the heavens, due to illumination, they tell us when we begin a year.

Whoa! Just a thought. . . Could you even imagine beginning a year, month, and what about a DAY, without the guidance of illumination?? How could you? Grab the calculator? This is no different than looking to begin a month without light to lead the way. This is unfathomable! The moon gives us a more local time, such as the days of the month, the week of the month and the duration of the month, so its phases are necessary. We know the stars are continuously illuminated in the heavens. Yes, the stars depict our months, but primarily our years. On the other hand, another light has been provided for us with a greater role to play, that which portrays our days and weeks in the heavens, that detailed information comes from the moon cycling through its phases.

Without repeating the problems in the previous paragraph(s), besides the concerns of the FVC presenting 3 Sabbaths in a row as presented below as described here. The same arguments/problems go for an FVC being the lunar phase to start a month. It-does-not-work.

A friend shared with me many who use the first visible crescent to begin their month, gain verification to their first Sabbath by tracking to the first quarter of the waxing moon. I ask this person a simple question; "Why not just begin your month with the most vivid sign in the heavens and then go from there?" An answer never came.

The above are very simple questions that we cannot avoid. They need to be asked and challenged to further understand the ways of our Creator.

Might a Dark Moon Work? No.
There is zilch Scriptural evidence for the black moon to be set aside for a new moon. Please understand, the teachings of the Talmud is where one might find the understandings of a dark or barely visible moon to be used as a new moon to beckon the beginning of a month.

If you desire to study the origin of an FVC, you will find its dark origin depicting the goddess Isis with her FVC horns upon her head that represents the FVC. The ordinances for a dark conjunction or the FVC lunar phase as a new moon go against Scripture.

Yahuah provided a pillar of fire to light the way as the Israelites left Egypt. We believe He brought them out of a dark-Egypt on a dark, moonless morning, the 15th of the Month of Abib while it was a Dark Moon.

Too many variables?

The variables for a first visible crescent (FVC) as a new moon are numerous.
  • Folks around the world who declare the FVC as a new moon day, are doing so over multiple days based on the multiple sightings across the earth during the same lunar cycle.

    • Disagreements are ongoing over who/where to sight a FVC to establish that month's Sabbath.

    • Is the first sighting over the multiple days witnessed in the western sky to be declared a new moon?

    • Or is each person sighting in their location, each to hold their own separate Sabbath(s)?

    • Or is it to be sighted over Jerusalem. These instructions are not found in Scripture.

  • Many have left the first visible crescent to utilize the horned crescents as their new moon. This greatly exacerbates the problems of the horned crescents that mirror the problems with the FVC.

  • The multiple pagan gods that are being identified have been associated with the FVC.

  • Just to name a few.

The variables of a dark Moon as a new moon are also numerous.

  • No place in Scripture are we ever told to calculate when a new moon phase might become completely dark.

  • Where light is absent, so are the signs we have been instructed to use.

  • The above are just to name a few.

The variables of a full Moon as a new moon are absent.

  • The transition of the moon from the night sky to the day sky is clear and concise for the entire world to witness, at-the-same-time. No variables.

  • It is as concise and deliberate, as if someone flipped a switch to turn a light on. EVERY one, sees the light come on at the same time.

  • Those who believe they are confused by what they call a full moon over multiple nights, this is not the case. Please click here to learn otherwise.

  • If we pick apart the pros and cons of each phase as a new moon, without question, it is the full moon with the most clear and concise signs that display itself in the heavens.

Our Creator gave us eyes to gaze into the heavens during the daylight hours of all times to discern the moon phases that bring us to his first Sabbath.

There will be those that challenge the timing of the 430 years with that of the incident of Hezekiah with the sundial, I would suggest you dig a bit more into Scripture where there was no interference during the 430 years to disrupt this clear linear era of time.

Now these are the words contained within the Torah. The words we believe we can trust.

Please do not miss this! Let's have some fun:

Do you realize there are signs in the heavens pointing to a full moon as new moon, along to His 1st monthly Sabbaths that are visible during DAYLIGHT hours over 80% of a lunar month!

Yes, while you are awake and can easily see them, during the day.

It is a disappointing thought to know the signs in the heavens, pointing to our created calendar, especially those during daylight hours, have been removed from the minds of man.

The significance of these verses and Psalms continually declare the witnesses of the heavens, not only during the dark night time hours, but also as the verse proclaims, they, the two witnesses, (Where have we heard of those before?) the sun and the moon are clearly visible during the daylight hours. Psalm 19:2-6

Just as the majority of life on earth is awake in a productive mode during the daylight hours, so also are the signs in the heavens on display for all to witness more than 80% of a lunar month.

Creation had originally been designed to be productive during daylight hours, resting during the dark hours of the night. Did you know the moon also represents itself during these same hours bathed in bountiful light, presenting our Creators instructions to the world where all humanity is able to view the signs He has placed in the heavens during our normal working hours.

Please understand this point. Just as a marathon runner in a race has a clear and concise point from where he begins his race, so also does the moon. Even if he misses his quarter marks, halfway marks or any others, the starting point and the finish line will always remain constant. This is exactly the same that takes place when one begins a lunar month. The full moon as a new moon does not waver as does the FVC and dark moon for beginning a new month.

We must rely on visible starting points and finish lines each time we commence a month. If we have those, then we will be able to stride right through the dark days knowing exactly where our Sabbath should fall. With the full Moon as new moon the starting point is very distinctive. With a dark moon, a starting point is impossible to accurately, and repeatedly locate. With a first visible crescents the starting point is very unpredictable as presented below.

Just how visible is the daytime moon?
Lets take a look.

Immediately after turning full, the moon will make its appearance on the Western horizon at sunrise. It will continue to decrease in size each day throughout its waning phase, bringing us to his first Sabbath when it appears at sunrise directly overhead as a half-moon. It will continue traversing across the heavens in broad daylight. Eventually as it decreases daily in size, it will disappearing in the eastern sky at sunrise, then returning to a totally dark state.

Immediately after the FVC reveals itself in the western evening sky, its size will each day become larger and higher, as it moves further East each day remaining visible during its waxing phase.

Click on each image to enlarge

The signs in the heavens should be, and are abundant, leading us to each of His Sabbaths during the month. At the time just prior to the FVC, you should have just celebrated your 2nd Sabbath, There is no need to look for it. This is speaking to those who are new to this. To learn more on how to find the New Moon, Click here.

Please, get outside; watch both the waxing and waning phase.
There are a few ways for daytime moon gazing. The easy westerly direction for both waxing, and waning.

Just after the moon has turned full, you will see the waning moon on the western horizon rising higher each day at sunrise. The westward looking waning phase will be on display each morning lighting the way for your early morning walk. Each day at the same time, it will appear higher in the heavens.

The waxing phase begins at the FVC. Again, looking west this time in the evening sky after it has achieved app 5-7% illumination. (Another problem as to how and when it shows itself) Each day at sunset, watch it grow larger. It will move higher and further into the light of day as it grows.

Yes, the signs in the heavens are many and decisive for all to witness. Our Creator had no intent to , shall we say pull the wool over our eyes to search for something in the dark, this makes no sense.

He is the "Father of lights" and desires for all to clearly witness His signs so we all come together at His feet for worship all together, all at the same time.

  • If you believe bringing Abram into the equation to be true, please drop us a note.

  • If you believe bringing Abram into the equation to be false, please drop us a note.

  • Either way, we would love to hear from you. - Click here to contact us

Many blessings as we each further study His ways.

What do I watch for in the days leading up to the full moon?

The instructions below are for those who have not yet begun to follow lunar months beginning from the previous full moon.

The best place to begin is with the First Visible Crescent (FVC) waxing phase of the moon. The FVC will begin in the Western night sky shortly after the dark moon and will begin to show when approximately 7% illumination is achieved. The FVC is a pagan orientated phase, do not get caught up in it.

Understanding the unreliability of the FVC.

From this point forward, your observations each night should be at sunset until the point of the moon turning full. As each night progresses the waxing moon will displays itself brighter and larger as it moves further East each evening (at sunset) until the moon nears its fullness in the Eastern horizon. As it is nearing the Eastern ends of the heavens. Each of these waxing phases will be easily detected in the night sky.

The evening you see the sun setting in the West and the moon is near, or split by the Eastern horizon, it is getting close to a full moon. The next day you should be outside before sunrise in an area flat for as far as you can see. (Your landscape and local horizon will make a difference.) This is the purpose for the countdown clock above, so you can position yourself outside the day before, and the day after the clock reaches zero in order to witness what is taking place in the heavens. This clock is not meant to tell you when the full Moon occurs.

After you have observed the position of the sun and the moon at sunset as mentioned above, the next morning you need to go outside at sunrise and do the following.

1) Look to the Eastern sunrise while the sun is just visible right at, or slightly above the eastern horizon.

2) Now, turn to the West, if you see the moon at or above the western horizon, you know two things. 1) The moon has turned full. 2) New Moon Day is upon you.

This image will help illustrate. Click to enlarge.
In this illustration, I took this photo facing west. The sunrise in the East was behind me. The sun behind me on the eastern horizon is approximately 50% exposed, just as the moon is approximately 50% exposed in front of me on the western horizon. When you see as described here at sunrise, you know the moon has turned 100% full just a short time prior to this image being taken. To clarify, at sunrise, we have both the sun and the moon visible just above the horizon.

This Celestial event is unique only to the full moon as new moon. Because of the motions of the heavens, this event provides an absolute defining point in time when the moon turns full. When you know the exact time the moon is full, then, and only then are you able to commence a new month.

This is very much different than calling a dark moon a new moon where there are absolutely no visible signs in the heavens declaring the exact moment in time when the dark moon occurs. So if one does not know, and cannot see when their new moon takes place, just when do they begin a new month??

This is the same with the FVC. As illustrated below in this same page we show how the FVC will always take 2 days and often 3 days to reveal itself over the surface of the earth thus causing multiple Sabbaths for the same New Moon.

This method of finding the full Moon as new moon leaves nothing to the imagination, nothing in the cosmology to deceive man as the FVC and the dark moon do as new moons for the beginning of a month.

Now that you are versed in the heavenly signs to bring you to the full moon, and the beginning of each month, continue to look into the heavens during the night hours as the moon is waning back to a dark moon, then again the FVC where now you have the knowledge to bring you into the first Sabbath as described below.

Confused over a three night "Full Moon"?

Some say the moon is full for 3 or 4 nights, this is not true. The moon is 100% full for no more than one hour. The illuminated heavens prior to, and after the moon turns "full," is simply our Fathers way of getting our attention to begin a new month. These are all "signs" of the heavens He has given man to bring us into His Sabbaths.

There is no other phase of the moon that gives us so much information leading into what we believe to be his new moon. A heads up going into the fullness of the moon during broad daylight hours. Then the switch from daytime viewing, to the next morning immediately following for the actual sighting of each on the horizon at sunrise. In addition to these signs, we will be discussing others throughout this website.

What will guide me to His 1st Sabbath for that month?

During the waning phase of the moon, after the moon has turned full, it is slightly above the western horizon at sunrise during morning hours. After the moon has turned full, your daily lunar observances will be at sunrise. You will face the western horizon and each day at sunrise, viewing the waning moon gain altitude, rising further into the heavens, each day lifting further off the horizon. Remember, because of the Westerly motion of the sun and moon, the first morning after observing the full moon in the western sky, the moon will disappear beyond the western horizon rather quickly. It will not linger there long so you need to be ready and prepared to make your observation as soon as the sun breaks the eastern horizon to spot the moon just above the western horizon. The moon will continue waning (growing smaller) during the daylight hours, each day until it disappears in the night sky, returning to a dark moon.

This is the perfect gauge, in broad daylight, for the entire world to see where our Heavenly Father has placed it to bring his people together at His feet for worship.

While you witness the moon during its waxing phase in the night hours, you will see the moon growing larger and larger each night, pointing the way to the full moon/new moon. At that point in time it is exciting to do a 180° turn as you look at the sunrise in the East, while the moon is just above the horizon in the West. It could be better understood this way. You remember the beautiful evening moon-lit nights when we would take those cool walks with a gentle breeze? Those occurred just prior to the full moon.

Now let's turn the tables on this 180° following the full moon. The moon is now drenching the earth from the morning sky with a cooler illumination. Prior to the moon turning full, you could ride your horse all night long and enjoy the beautiful evening; you would not dare do that in the morning prior to a full moon because it was pitch black. Alternatively, following the full moon, you will take your horse for a ride under the illuminated morning sky.

Waxing versus Waning?

A simple way to remember the difference between the waxing and waning phases is this. Similarly as you dip a candle in wax multiple times; it grows each time it is dipped into the wax. This is the same concept as a waxing moon, each day it grows larger and larger.

Scripture instructs us "to count our days".

During the early daytime hours just after the moon has turned full, at sunrise, watch each day for one week and you will notice the waning moon lifting off the western horizon further up into the heavens each day rising higher and higher, to the point it reduces in size to a quarter moon again. When the quarter moon arrives overhead at sunrise, you have counted seven days to your first Sabbath for that month. What an amazing Creator we have.

Here is an exciting fact concerning the full Moon as a new moon.

The full Moon as a new moon is the only phase of the moon that double checks itself with a foolproof method for accuracy for beginning the count to his Sabbaths.

First, everyone enjoys being outside on the cool evenings watching the moon in its waxing phase as it becomes larger and brighter overhead in the night sky. This is, without question, an undisputed sign in the heavens our Heavenly Father has given us. These "signs" mentioned in Scripture are there to bring us to His Sabbaths. Second, there is but one point in time when the moon makes the transition from being a bright beacon in the night sky leading us to where the moon turns full, and the next morning the moon accompanies the sun in the sky at the same time. The sun and the moon repeat their cycle through the heavens to begin their journey of coming together to give us the dark moon. They will not be together again in the day sky until after the next full moon.

Isn't it amazing how even though the sun and moon move from East to West, they move at a rate that lags approximately 45 - 50 minutes behind each day, displaying themselves further eastwardly so the signs we have been given become apparent.

3 Sabbaths in one lunar month?
A Closer Look:

Any phase that does not support a clear and concise visible distinction,
as to exactly when a new moon occurs, should not be considered.

Anyone who has studied the heavens and honestly studied the FVC as a new moon must acknowledge the problem. The FVC always becomes visible and begins its journey in the evening's western sky. Each evening moving further eastwardly across the face of the earth, revealing itself to the world over multiple days, causing there to be multiple sightings of the first visible crescent (FVC) a minimum of 2 days every month.

This illustration demonstrates how the FVC, several times each year takes 3 evenings in a row for the FVC to become visible across the face of the earth.

As each segment of the world sights their FVC, and each claim their sighting sets the beginning of their month, this can only conclude that those who follow this phase will have 3 separate Sabbaths during the course of a single lunar month.
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Read from the bottom up

The folks who first see the FVC in the West will proclaim that day to be there New Moon day.

The NEXT evening another portion of the world, further east will see the FVC on a 2nd evening as visibility moves eastward. This 2nd group will proclaim their sighting of the FVC to be there new moon day, thus creating multiple new Moon days/Sabbaths from the same first visible crescent during a single month.

It gets worse. Several times a year the entire world will not observe the FVC over just 2 nights, but takes yet a 3rd evening for the visibility to reach the entire face of the earth as illustrated in these images.

Some will insist that they are to go by the FVC as observed over Israel. We all know that no such instructions exist anywhere in Scripture.

We understand the moon on the first Sabbath may not be a perfect quarter moon. Because of the disruption in time during the time of Hezekiah and other events, the moon may not appear as that perfect quarter. This slight discrepancy occurs across the board with all moon phases. In the very near future we will be delving into this in great detail along with other similar topics.

Are there "signs" in the heavens leading to His Sabbaths?
Yes, without question.

This presentation will help explain the motion and the phases.

Do not be surprised when you hear the SDA pastors referencing
the new moon day and Sabbaths according to the luminaries in the heavens.
As well as vice a versa

Folks, this is not difficult. I understand it is easier to just glance at your wristwatch or a Roman calendar hanging on the wall, or you happen to know it is your Saturday or Sunday because Friday was your last day at work. However, it is not the way of our Heavenly Father. His true Sabbaths are beaconed by the luminaries in the heavens, and the method explained above is a very simple and a sure method of arriving to his feet for worship on the proper seventh day Sabbaths following his new moon day that is so often mentioned in Scriptures.
  • Our Creators days begin at sunrise. One is natural.
  • Rome's days begin at midnight. The other is a counterfeit.

The following articles will demonstrate other aspects of the moon.

T he following pages/links have been developed as an aid to help understand when the "New Moon" takes place. This site, through prayerful, diligent study understands the Full Moon to be the New Moon, the beginnings of each scriptural month and year. It is designed for those who desire to do the will of our Heavenly Father, who follow His heavenly calendar as apposed to the man made pagan calendar of Rome. Genesis 1:14

The moon, we believe the "Full Moon," is the "Sign" spoken of in Genesis 1:14 that beacons the beginning of each month. This sign must be visible for the entire world to view without question and without conflict. Many believe the conjunction, or a first visible crescent to be the new moon, with in the ranks of those arena's, there is much confusion as to when those actually take place. With the full moon being the sign to begin each month, all the confusion of when the "Full Moon" takes place is eliminated. Our Creator is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

At creation, our Creator hung His calendar in the heavens. Psalms 19:1 Just as Daniel 7:25 had prophesied, Rome in their attempt to gain worship to themselves, has removed the original calendar of creation from the minds of man. Their calendar, well, their counterfeit is only able to hang on a wall, But only with the aid of a nail.

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In His Earth Made New, Once Again, We Will Follow His Original Creation
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