Demonstrating our Creators Bible Sabbaths

Finding New Moon Without Computer Aid

Perspective Is Everything

When the New Moon/Full Moon takes place, the illuminated condition of the world does not change. 50% of the world is still in light while the other 50% is in darkness . . It is from each observers global perspective, that personal location on earth at that exact moment in time that determines what I see on the horizon at sunset. This earth is divided up into 360 degrees, over 6 billion people inside those total degrees. You can know that their are at least 360 different narratives from many eye witness accounts from folks a all around the world, each seeing something different at that perfect point in time when the moon turns 100% illuminated.

New Moon Day Is At Sunrise

Question: My friend in Central Africa e-mailed me and told me the 100% illuminated full moon just took place at his sunset. I live in Ohio United States, I am west of him and it is only noon here now, is today new moon today, or is tomorrow new moon day?

Answer: Your friends new moon day will commence at his sunrise with the direct rays of sunlight. Your new moon day is not today, but will commence after you go to bed tonight, awaking in the morning at the first direct rays of sunlight at your geographic location.

Question: I saw the moon fifteen minutes above the horizon at sunset, can tomorrow be new moon day?

Answer: Yes, new moon day will commence at the first direct rays of sunlight the following morning.

Question:The 100% illuminated full moon took place today while I was eating lunch, not at sunset. Does that mean new moon day is today?

Answer: No, tomorrow is new moon day at sunrise.

Question: Sunrise just took place, can a full moon occur if I woke up just after sunrise?

Answer: Yes, New Moon will take place at any Longitude while you sleep, drive to work, eat lunch or walk the dog after work . . If a 100% illuminated moon just took place, and you just woke up, tonight at sunset you will witness 1) the New Moon that is already at least 12 hours old. If it is that old (this is simply a estimated age, it's actual age is determined by the amount of time that has lapsed between the actual FM (at your awakening) and when you will see it that evening) 2) You will definitely see the Full Moon arise at least 15 minutes after sunset. The following sunrise will begin your New Moon Day.

If you caught what was just said, this will help you understand the mechanics of When the full moon takes place, dictates Where the full moon takes place . . .

This is what is happening, let's look at a few different scenarios . .

If I see the moon Just 10 Minutes above the horizon at sunset

This means the true "Full Moon" Will take place that evening during the dark hours as you sleep, and your next sunrise is New Moon Day. Remember, two things make up the Full Moon, 1) It's perfect alignment with the earth and sun, 2) This alignment will give it it's 100% illumination from all of earths perspective.

As long as the moon has turned 100% prior to your local sunrise, New Moon Day will immediately follow that sunrise. Why? Because the moon was illuminated 100%, and a perfect alignment did did take place prior to sunrise.

My friends and I watched for the moon until well after midnight (Gregorian time), it was close but did not become totally "Full."
First and foremost, we must Never associate Gregorian time with that of our Creators. Purging that system of time from our minds while determining When the 100% illuminated moon takes place, is a most important factor. Our days begin and end at Sunrise, Greg's begin and end at his counterfeit midnight. We must choose this day whom we will serve . . Given this, even though we did not see the 100% full moon prior to going to bed at 12:30 Gregorian pagan time, IF, a 100% "Full Moon" took place elsewhere out of my field of vision, (somewhere else on earth West of me) yet prior to my sunrise (Direct rays of light), then at that sunrise, your New Moon Day has commenced . . Acknowledge it and welcome it in by blowing your Shofar.

I just witnessed the full moon arise immediately after sunset, what now?
This is what we all want to witness. This world is round and we must remember our day is from sunrise to sunrise. Someone, some where else this month had the privilege of witnessing this perfect timing . . The key now is, to communicate this great event to the world at that moment. Again, remember, one half of the world will be sleeping and the other half in daylight.

Keeping It Simple ..

New Moon Day
I (Joe) has a friend Amy in Israel, (Red Circle, Click on image to enlarge) I am in Western New York. (Yellow Circle) At sunset (Image 1) Amy was outside with her friends watching for the fullness of the 100% moon. They watched until well into the evening watch but were disappointed to have not have been a witness to a 100% illuminated "Full Moon." She called me (Yellow Circle) and told me she was going to bed and told me to look for it in the eastern sky from my western location. (Remember, this scenario can be applied any where in the world by simply shifting the earths surface clockwise, or counter clockwise under the cover of darkness)

We eagerly awaited for the sunset to come our way. My friends and I watched for the moon in the eastern sky from our Western New York state location/Longitude on the eastern tip of Lake Erie.

Here it finally came, sunset. (Image 2) This was about the same time of the beginning of the fourth watch for my friend Amy in Israel. My friends and I in New York were so excited. This month because of where the moon became full and that perfect alignment took place, we are witnessing the AFM, 100% illuminated in all it's grandeur rising above the horizon just after sunset! What a sight!!

We got on the phone right away to call our friend Amy to tell her the good news, we were so excited that we had just witnessed the moon rising after sunset we failed to take the pictures we had been waiting for. With so much enthusiasm in her voice, Amy told me it was still dark here (Red circle), (Image 2) prior to sunrise and because we both were with in the boundaries of two consecutive sunrises, we of course would be on the same Sabbath, but we were able to make the announcement this month.

I thanked her because now I could know that my day also at sunrise would also usher in New Moon Day. Within less than 3 hours of us calling Amy, she awoke just after sunrise and blew her Shofar to welcome in her New Moon Day. (Image 3) Us, we had our night yet to sleep, (Image 3) but you know as soon as those first rays of sun came through the window, (Image 4) we jumped out of bed and blew our Shofar giving thanks to our Creator for His new Month. We then again called Amy, both drenched in sunlight talking most of our Fathers blessings that "New Moon Day." (Image 5)

Yes, My Sabbaths, and my friend Amy's Sabbaths will encompass the same civil day within a single revolution of the earth, each beginning from the same CMLD (Longitude). From that single North, South perfect point stretching from the North Pole, to the South Pole, Where earth was facing the moon at the time When it became 100% Full. It is that perfect alignment, and that place (Where on earth) that gives us our CMLD.

Blessings to those seeking to do His will.

David Vander Toorn

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either quit being mistaken or cease being honest.

Attorney Richard Humpal