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A "Full Moon" For Two or Three Days!

No, Although the moon may appear "more or less full" over more than a single evening, the moon is "Astronomically" full for only a moment in time. The perception of it being full over more than one evening is easily removed by understand what a "Full Moon" really is. It is all in the perfect alignment of the 1) Sun, 2) Earth 3) Moon.

Again we must reiterate, the moon is a creation of our Creator, we do Not worship the moon or any heavenly bodies, nor do we seek "wisdom" in any form of astrology. Genesis 1:14 clearly explains the purpose of the moon and the heavenly bodies. Yes, many have a preconceived idea of the word "alignment" meaning to dabble into astrology, we study astronomy, their is a difference. Enough said on that.

The appearance of a Full Moon can be caused by your relationship to "where," what longitude the Astronomical Full Moon (AFM) is going to take place on earth from your perspective, (Your Longitude in relationship to where the moon actually turns 100% full.)

Note, This example is not talking about If we see the moon above the horizon at sunset, can it be New Moon day yet that night before sunrise, their are other criteria to be considered for that. This short segment is only addressing the concern some have when they state they see a "Full Moon" for three evenings in a row. Their is specific criteria to address this, as the following images illustrate.

These images may help explain:
  • If the moon is well above, 20 minutes or more, the horizon at sunset, The Moon is not yet "Full."
    Position 1 in bottom color illustration. A Full Moon will not occur that evening
  • Moon before sunset

  • If the moon is just below the horizon at sunset, a Full Moon is imminent.
    Position 2 in bottom color illustration. You are within moments before, or after a "Full Moon."
  • Moon at sunset

  • If the moon is well below the horizon at sunset, a Full Moon has already taken place.
    Position 3 in bottom color illustration. Full Moon has already occurred.
  • Moon after sunset

  • Here is another perspective.
          The following illustration does not consider the rotation of the earth for a sunrise, or a sunset, but only a perspective from the horizon
  • Moon after sunset
It is very simple to watch for, no calculating, no looking for a dark spot in the sky. At sunset, near full moon, simply watch the eastern horizon. If the moon is just above the horizon by no more than 20 minutes, most likely Full Moon will take place that evening prior to your sunrise.

A Closer Look "At The Horizon" . . (In this example, we will consider a "Sunrise to Sunrise" day.)

Let the arrow in the illustration above represent your direction in degrees from where your physical location is, in relationship to where the moon will actually become 100% "Full."

No one will question positions 1, 2, B, and 3, as being what is illustrated.

It is the moon's position "A," at times that will throw in a monkey wrench, causing a question as to whether this can qualify as a "Full Moon" for that evening, many will wait until the following evening until they actually see the moon below the horizon. At that point in time, the moon is already in it's waning phase. It is impossible to have a "Full Moon" in a waning phase.

Position A in illustration above. The moon is just above the horizon at sunset. Moon at horizon

If, one believe as most lunar Sabbath keepers do, a sunrise to sunrise method of reckoning the beginnings of a day, this information is very important.
  • Note position "A," in the color illustration, and in the image just above, a "Full Moon" Will occur that evening prior to a sunrise in your location.

  • Given the orbit of the moon around the earth, the Full Moon will occur later in the evening, as apposed to earlier.
  • This is because the separation in the degrees of Longitude is less at your actual observation, but greater when the moon actually becomes "Full."
  • This simply means, although you see the moon above the horizon now, enough time will lapse, and the moon will have traveled enough, where it will become full prior to the sun rising again at your location.

  • Again, If,
    1. the moon becomes 100% full any time during the dark hours,
    2. prior to the sun rising where you are located,
    3. the result is, your New Moon Day commences at sunrise.
  • Although from the perspective of the man "F," he may see the moon above the horizon at sunset, consider man "G," he is only 1/4 the way around the world, he will see the moon rise after sunset, and both within the limits of the same sunrise to sunrise. Also see this example.

  • This is vitally important so that our Sabbaths are not delayed by a full day.

    If at sunset, the moon rises more than 45 minutes later, well, most likely yesterday was Full Moon and this day is New Moon Day. Be sure to also watch for the moon in the morning sky, as this will tell you as much about the timing of the full moon as will the evenings.

    Remember, we are all in a learning curve and need to work together with whatever information we may have. If you see something is out of place on this page, Please contact us and share your thoughts here, or here

    Follow these simple rules for understanding when the true AFM will/has taken place.
    • Be sure the moon is no more than 20 minutes above the horizon at sunset. If not, chances are very great Full Moon will take place while you sleep that night.

      • If you reckon your day Sunrise to Sunrise, and a 100% Full Moon does takes place anywhere on earth during your dark hours prior to your sunrise, your New Moon Day is at that sunrise because the "Full Moon" has taken place during your Biblical day between the two sunrises. Do not delay because the moon is already in it's "Waning phase."

    • Be sure to observe the position of the moon at sunrise, each should be within a few moments of the horizon at sunrise. If they are, welcome in your New Moon Day by blowing your Shofar . .

    • The following evening, check to see how much time it takes for the moon to rise after sunset.

      • Less than 20 minutes, then Full moon most likely took place during those preceding daylight hours, and today is not New Moon Day, Tomorrow will be at sunrise.

      • Moon rises more than 50 minutes after sunset, you can be sure New Moon Day is now coming to a close . . Be sure you have already blown your Shofar.
    This is a wonderful time of transition, the waxing moon has been in the heavens during the daylight hours, now a New "Full" Moon takes place, it commands it's position as the ruler in the heavenly night skies. Genesis 1:16-18, Psalms 136:9

    Gregorian Time Question: We know the Full Moon is taking place tonight, why does it look different to Bill in the Eastern United States than For me, Linda in Eastern Asia?

    Answer: Bill's Longitude is closer to the actual Longitude where the Full Moon is taking place that evening, he will view the moon 1) below and closer to the horizon, (less time below the horizon) even possibly just above. 2) more full than Linda will see it because Bill is seeing it through the Eastern atmosphere. Linda who is much further West of Bill will see the Full Moon much higher in the sky than Bill at her sunset.

    Question: The moon became 100% illuminated while I slept last night, I know it is now in a waning phase, is today New Moon Day?

    Answer: If one reckons their day sunrise to sunrise, and the AFM has taken place prior to sunrise, yes, the dawning of that day, when you awake, is New Moon Day. Acknowledge the day by blowing your Shofar.

    Please understand this most important point, Our Creator's Years, Months, Weeks, and Days are not the same as the Roman days the world wanders after today Revelation 13:3. The best thing to do is to completely remove any and all pagan Roman reckoning of time from our minds when working with these concepts. Romans 12:2 This is indeed exactly what our Bible tells us to do. This in the context of His Seventh-Day Sabbaths. Exodus 23:12-13

    Blessings to those seeking to do His will.

    David Vander Toorn

    Weight of Evidence

    "Measure of credible Biblical and historical evidence demonstrated on one side of a dispute
    as compared with the credible evidence demonstrated on the other."

    The Biblical and historical evidence presented on this site concerning how man, mainly Rome has changed our Creators "times and laws" is overwhelming, Daniel 7:25. The reason for these changes is demonstrated from the Bible, Isaiah 14:12-14. Because of the fall of Lucifer and his desire for worship, Matthew 4:9 it is Lucifer, working through Rome who has orchestrated and implemented the removal of all Biblical feast days, made many changes to the Ten Commandments, and has changed times from what they were at creation John 11:9 and too the calendar man follows in order to achieve his goals of removing worship from our Creator.

    It is up to you as an individual to come to terms with what is demonstrated here. We understand because of social, jobs and peer pressure most will reject this message of the Bible. Our Bible is calling His people to "come out of her" Revelation 18:4. Please consider the consequences of remaining in Babylon . . . "that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

    We pray as you read this material, you are abundantly blessed as you diligently seek the light of His truths.

    Hosea 4:6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

    Hebrews 10:26, For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,
    there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins

    John 8:32, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

    Joshua 24:14, As for me and my house, we will serve Yahuwah.

    When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
    he will either quit being mistaken or cease being honest.

    Attorney Richard Humpal

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